Should you a/b test product pricing on your Shopify store?

Okay. First question. Why would you want to a/b test the pricing of your products? Surely it goes against the foundations of customer centricity offering a product to one person at a different price to another customer? Doesn’t this get confusing when you consider purchase attribution? Will customers see one … Read More

No free shipping? Explain to your customers why…

Free Shipping! Free Shipping! Free Shipping! What if you can’t offer free shipping? What if you don’t need to offer free shipping? Love this simple message from sat right there on the product page. Honest in approach. Friendly in tone. Written as you would speak. It’s a challenge to address … Read More

Shopify and the value behind creating product context pages

Homepage. Collection Page. Product Page. 9 times out of 10 you’ll find direct to consumer brands pushing visitors from ads to one of the pages listed above. The bad being the homepage crew. Knowing your customer you’ll understand the multitude of reasons people buy what they buy. The importance of … Read More

Retention? First take care of the simple stuff

“We need help with our post-purchase flows” requested the founder of a luxury bath accessory brand. I was intrigued so placed an order. Also… I was a sucker for the discount code. 5 days later a grey oversized polythene bag arrived with 3 crumpled towels and a flannel. No communications. … Read More