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  • 20+ years in ecommerce as an employee, startup founder and consultant
  • Independent ecommerce marketing strategy consultant working with over 150+ brands from a wide variety of industry
  • Bootstrapped my own retail business from 0 - £2m in 3 years
  • Former European Marketing Director for the world's largest travel company

In our pursuit of new customer acquisition are we, instead, shackling business growth?

I want to shift focus away from price-led acquisition strategies and look how we can build and optimise customer retention strategies that grow profitability and customer lifetime value.

In my new slidedeck for 2022, TRUE CUSTOMERCENTRICITY: HOW TO ACHIEVE NEXT STAGE ECOMMERCE GROWTH, I will present the case for a more valiant effort to build community, expand reach and deliver a truly customercentric shopping experience:

  • How to make the switch from company voice to customer voice marketing
  • How to gather customer insights that fuel your work
  • Discover the most effective ways to build your customer loyalty programme
  • Re-visit your ecommerce marketing stack with next stage growth in mind
  • Begin the process of in-sourcing marketing

Put simply, know where your money is made and increase the lifetime value of your customer.

I'm now booking conferences and industry events in Europe and Internationally for Spring/Summer 2022.

UK Digital Marketing Speaker

CRO Speaker & Digital Marketing Keynote

Ian Rhodes :: Ecommerce Consultant
Author of Make What You Make Matter
Ecommerce Keynote Speaker
Ian Rhodes

"Ian's presentation was more of a show than a speech. It was strikingly visual and very memorable." Austin Nicholas - Founder of TravelOutThere.com


It's been a quiet 2 years... however here are shows I spoke at pre epidemic

Berlin Germany - Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox Conference
Neurenberg Germany - Ecommerce Private Client Event
Warsaw Poland - Conversion Optimisation Full Day Workshop
Bucharest Romania - Conversion Optimisation Workshop
NEC Birmingham UK - Moda - Fashion Summer Expo & Conference
Bournemouth UK - Marketing Homebrew Live
NEC Birmingham UK - Moda - Fashion Spring Expo & Conference
London UK - Design Business Association (DBA) - Content Marketing For Agencies
Riga Latvia - LMT Digital Conference
Athens Greece - eCommerce Conference - Keynote speaker
Cork Ireland - Ecommerce Private Client Workshop
Dublin Ireland - 3XE Conversion Conference
Portoroz Slovenia - InOrbit Conference
Athens Greece - Marketing Week Conference

"A natural speaker with the ability to catch and hold the attention of the audience throughout. We would definitely have Ian back at our event."Nicole Yates - Event Organiser at MODA

Conferences are like websites. You give your audience something to remember you by.

That's the approach I'll take speaking at the event you're currently organising. The takeaway? Ideas to inspire your audience to rethink their marketing strategy and begin building their brand less ordinary.

European Marketing Keynote Speaker - Industry Events & Ecommerce Conferences


I think we've all had enough of the textbook speakers. It's time to share how marketing is done in the real world. From a practitioner's viewpoint.

That's why I pack my marketing talks with actionable insight and takeaways with real examples your audience will be able to identify with.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Speaker




My 2019 keynote presentation, RETENTION PLEASE asked the question, 'through constant acquisition focus and discounting are we actually losing our ability to retain customers?'

Discover how to make your existing customers feel like they're now part of a unique club.

I'll share with your audience examples of brands thriving by adopting a focused retention strategy. We'll look at the 'how?' of retention marketing and be inspired to leave with a vigour to inspire sales from our existing customers.
A keynote presentation designed for marketing practitioners, product people, founders and entrepreneurs alike.


The main focus is always upon conversion strategy and customer behaviour... here are a few further topics that can be tailored to your event:

From Catalog to Curation: How to deliver a better shopping experience

100 Percent On: How to drive website sales without trashing prices

The Hook & The Trigger: learn how to make better use of persuasion strategies across the entire customer journey

Untemplate: How to personalise your website to your individual customer

Marketing Speaker For Events and Conferences in UK, Europe and AmericaRetail Keynote Speaker


For each new conference keynote speaking event I create a new deck based on the theme of your event. No two audiences are the same. That's my approach to conference speaking. Something fresh. Something to remember.

We'll work together to ensure there's 100% compatibility between the topic I wish to focus upon and the intention behind your conference.

I love speaking with niche audiences. I'll always ensure all examples and case studies are of high relevance to your delegates.

growth marketing speaker


Ian Rhodes - Founder of Ecommerce Growth Co. Ian is a highly sought senior-level ecommerce growth strategist and speaker.

Advisor to ecommerce, DTC & Retail brands, new and established, in the UK, Europe & North America. Ian partners with retail clients across the globe to escape the clutch of conventional acquisition-marketing tactics. Teaching teams how to build and manage a successful customer-centred, data-informed, story-driven retention marketing strategy.

A digital marketing practitioner with 20 years of hands-on learning. Experiencing what works (and what doesn’t) online. Ian’s digital journey began in 1996 (when search engines were hand-built and animated gifs dominated the digital landscape) at a bootstrapped eCommerce startup business in London. 4 years later Ian joined Priceline (NASDAQ: PCLN), the world’s largest travel company, as European Marketing Director. Then he decided to get uncomfortable. Giving up his swanky office in Mayfair to explore a gap he spotted in the exceptionally competitive Musical Instrument market. He built a retail business that grew from £0 to £2m revenue in 3 years creating a market for niche brands.

Since 2008, Ian has dedicated his time to working alongside retail marketing management teams and at boardroom level as an advisor on successful story-driven marketing strategy.

Ecommerce and Conversion Optimisation Speaker


Fees vary dependent upon the nature of your event (time, travel, workshop hosting, audience size, preparation etc). Get in touch using the form below and we'll work to make sure you're comfortable with costings.

My preference is to have access to a wireless lavalier microphone. I wander around a lot. Slides are created using Keynote on an MacBook Pro, so I'll work with your a/v folks prior to make sure the slides suit your display.

European Marketing Keynote Speaker


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