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"Starting with the platform migration from Magento to Shopify. There was no compromise on design or functionality. This was by far the smoothest migration we have ever experienced."
Rivki Stoll - Ecommerce Manager at Private White V.C.

There's a reason Shopify has proven to be so popular

  • Ease of website and product management
  • Low monthly manageable costs
  • Huge range of applications
  • A future-proof platform to build and scale upon
  • A suite of reporting and analysis tools

Replatforming from Magento, WooCommerce or any other ecommerce platform will feel like a laborious headache.

It's my role to help you ensure the transition is as profitable and productive for you and your ecommerce business as it can possibly be.

We firstly work together to audit the process. To map out timeframes and potential costings.

Whilst I work independently I have a trusted team of partners that I can rely upon to make sure your transition is as hassle free as possible. Strategy, design, development and process.

Email Marketing Consultant - UK

Ian Rhodes
Shopify Expert & Replatforming Specialist

The shopify replatforming process

Get ready to drive more sales using Shopify or Shopify Plus.

  1. We figure out if Shopify really is the most suitable platform to run your ecommerce business upon.
  2. We then map out the marketing technology requirements for your business. It gives you a better control of budget and expectations.
  3. Next we move on to ensure data and technology are synced and ready to transition.
  4. If design or development work is needed I'll bring in trusted people that I have used and highly recommend.

I'll manage the entire process for you. That way you won't be bogged down with the inevitable nitty gritty.

Shopify Requirement Audit

Ensuring scale & productivity

  • Ease of product & customer data transferral
  • Integration of marketing technology
  • Replatforming Strategy & Blueprint

Shopify Replatforming Delivery

Ensuring a smooth & effective transition

  • Data integration
  • Theme design & customisation
  • Site speed and customer experience

Shopify Onboarding

Get to know your new platform

  • Staff training
  • Site Management
  • Site optimisation

Let's see where Shopify can take your ecommerce business

20 years as an ecommerce practitioner I work exclusively with Shopify & Shopify Plus for a very good reason.

Contact me today by calling +44(0)161 706 0608, emailing me at [email protected] or dropping your details across in the form below. I'lll be in touch right away.

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