Don't use the email welcome flow as a coupon dispenser.
it's your opportunity to make what you make matter.

... so let's make it a damn good series of emails.

"If you're not using Ian and Klaviyo to grow your business
by at least 20% - 30% you must be crazy.
Adam Watson
co-founder of

Top secret tip: welcome flows are HUGELY under utilised and rarely optimised for growth

working exclusively with ecommerce clients in the UK, USA and Canada

If you don't get their order, at least you get their email address, right?

Wrong. List growth isn't a valid KPI if it has no business impact. It's something, I'm sure, you know you should be focusing on (because new subscribers are a great source for revenue growth) but rarely spend time to get right.

So, for most of us, it's a case of setting the exit-intent popup and leaving it to convert 2... maybe 3% of our traffic into subscribers. Slow, but steady growth in your email subscriber list.

And then there's that niggling feeling that people may well have made the purchase WITHOUT the discount code.... and you feel like you've lost revenues for no reason.

Klaviyo Consultancy & Training - UK

Ian Rhodes
Email Welcome Flow Specialist


delivering & actioning advanced customer acquisition strategies

Context within the welcome series is key. Understanding the reason why your customer registered - whether that be for a limited time offer or a specific product, the welcome series is there to stage a nurturing process built upon trust and confidence.

Brands rarely see real success using one single welcome series. My job is to work with you to better understand the impact of social proof, timed offering and the critical copy, timings and subject lines that drive real growth through your welcome series.

To create welcome series built upon the hook - to test conversion optimisation strategies and apply our learnings as part of a process of continual optimisation.

The opportunity here is great. To improve customer experience, solidify brand trust and to drive new customer acquisition. profitably.

<"Ian comes with a wealth of experience and it really showed when he set up much of our "marketing machine" for our purpose-driven e-commerce startup.

From making recommendations for our tech stack to quickly adopting our brand's tone of voice in writing copy that converts to implementing experiments at all funnel levels, Ian was invaluable.

In particular, his work on Klaviyo has set the groundwork for our customer retention. It was a pleasure working with Ian!

Klaviyo Recommended Experts

Ben Jones
Head of Growth

Optimised Email Welcome Series

I work one-to-one with direct-to-consumer (DTC) & retail clients in the UK, Europe and USA in order to successfully build their list growth strategy and customer acquisition through email.

Operating a continual process of optimisation (without causing friction or frustration with your website visitors).

I work with you to run tests to drive list growth and convert more first-time visitors into paying customers.

Optimisation takes place prioritising our work to:

  • optimise overlay timing
  • deliver overlays based on location
  • build overlays based on cart content
  • master cross-sell and up-sells
  • welcome flows built on customer insight
  • determine the most profitable discount strategy
  • promote new categories or product offers
  • time of day promotions
  • weekend promotions
  • timed discount strategies

The last thing you want to do is bombard your website visitor with multiple messaging. So, we work carefully to prioritise offerings and sequence based upon individual customer behaviour.

We make pop-ups and overlays a key positive part of the site shopping experience.

“Ian understands luxury and branding.

A genius at story telling and portraying the true essence of our product.

Ian protects our brand with a refreshing story telling strategy, that is about the heart of our product and the core processes behind it.

Ian's strategy means consumers are falling in love with the brand and engaging with it which is bringing repeat loyal customers.

A god with words! Understands what our brand is and needs, and can apply it confidently. "

Klaviyo Recommended Experts

James New
Jessie and James

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