How to reduce ‘Where Is My Order?’ with automated delivery status updates for your Shopify store

shopify order status updates

‘Where is my order?’

It’s safe to say most queries through your customer support app or email are from customers asking where their products are.

And apps, such as Gorgias, allow you to automate responses that make it quick and easy to provide tracking details and delivery updates. Awesome.

However, whether customers are contacting you due to shipping delays, eagerness or concerned gifters fearful their order won’t be delivered on time, order updates can be a strain on resource and demotivating when all you want to do is focus on how to grow your sales.

Let’s step into your customer’s shoes for a moment. Scratch that. Step back into your own shoes. You’re a customer of many brands. You know what it’s like shopping online and planning around expected delivery times.

Why should you have to do the legwork?

As store owners (we’re swopping shoes again here…don’t bother tying your laces) shouldn’t you take a more proactive role in advising your customers regarding any delays? Maybe providing them a single source link where they can track their parcel deliveries?

Get proactive with your delivery updates using Wonderment

This is why I’m excited about what Wonderment have created. Syncing order data from Shopify with shipping data from a multitude of carriers (inc. DHL, DPD, ParcelForce and others here in the UK) Wonderment allows you access to delivery times and to trigger customer updates through an integration with Klaviyo. That way you can automate flows updating customers regarding any shipping issues. Plus, with all shipping data being pushed to Klaviyo you can tidy up all your delivery updates and shift from the Shopify templates to something a little more on brand….

Let your customers track their orders at your store (not your couriers)

Alongside the email updates, Wonderment provides you the ability to create a tracking page where your customers can view latest delivery updates too (why send them over to your courier?)

Wonderment Order Tracking Pages
Example of a Wonderment Order Tracking Page For Feastables

… and you can push delivery data into Gorgias

Final point. Wonderment syncs data to Gorgias also. Customer support now have access to all shipping data too. If you’re using multiple couriers there’s a suite of reports where you can view the delivery success rates over time.

How does this app make you money?

Good question. Firstly, the non-attribute route – you’re giving your customers a better post-purchase shopping experience. You’re delivering a feel good factor. That helps you achieve repeat business.

Now, on to the attributable stuff. Consider the value of email delivery updates. They’re probably the highest opened emails you’re sending. Obviously, it’d be great to have some data to back up that theory. And, the likely scenario is that you’re using those Shopify default emails. Well, Wonderment allows you to send delivery updates via Klaviyo. So, you now have access to open and click rates.

Wonderful, but how does this earn you money?

1.) You’re taking ownership of a valuable touchpoint with your customer

Consider the property value of an ultra-high open rate email. Emails that customers rarely delete. Emails of value… emails you can now use to introduce other products you know your customers will love. This key period (0-14 days post-purchase) is where you’d typically see the best response in terms of returning customers (if you don’t know if this is the case I’d strongly recommended using Lifetimely to discover when people make their 2nd..3rd purchase).

2.) You’re inviting customers back to your site (not your couriers)

Add to that the order tracking page Wonderment creates for you. You’re now bringing customers back to your own store to check delivery status. All trackable, sales-attributable steps through Klaviyo.

3.) You’re reducing cancellations

It goes without saying, getting proactive with your order status updates helps you minimise the potential frustrations on your customer’s side that may lead to order cancellations and refunds.

How much does Wonderment cost?

To get the most out of this platform you’ll be looking at the Premium package which costs $100 a month (no contract). This includes tracking for up to 4,000 packages per month, the valuable integrations with Gorgias and Klaviyo and full support.

Is there a free version? There sure is, however the basic package doesn’t allow you to take advantage of the APIs that connect to your tech stack. At $100 a month, I’m pretty sure as well as delivering your customers a better shopping experience you can turn this into a profitable new revenue stream for your ecommerce brand.

Shopify Order Tracking App
Free basic version or from $100/mo

Take a proactive approach to order notifications and integrate key email status updates with Klaviyo. Create an order tracking page integrating status updates from all major UK, European and global carriers.

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