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"If you're not using Ian and Klaviyo to grow your business by at least 20% - 30% you must be crazy."
Adam Watson - co-founder of HollywoodMirrors.co.uk

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What I'm not going to do for you.. manage Klaviyo to send newsletter campaigns to your entire list where the focus is on design and making things look pretty.

Email campaigns are great when you have a promotion to share or new product to feature.
They’ve been the convention of email marketing for 2 decades. Your customer has moved on. Email marketing has moved on.

Email flows are where you take your email marketing to the next level. Where you build your ecommerce growth machine fuelled by customer insight and driven by customer behaviour. They can become complex. They can be challenging to learn and manage (especially when you're creating blocks within you're emails based on conditions). At the same time though, they're hugely rewarding as a revenue driver for your ecommerce business.

Most direct to consumer brands are not using Klaviyo to the best of its capabilities. It's not simply Mailchimp 2.0.

For today's modern ecommerce business, the ability to centralise customer communications through a platform, such as Klaviyo isn't wow-factor... it's must-have.

Syncing customer behavioural data and learning, through the collection of zero party data, your customers' shopping habits, will deliver your customer a truly personalised shopping experience. That's what makes you the money. To drive acquisition. To drive retention. And to do so without spending a penny more on ads.

I've been an advocate for Klaviyo since launch. As an email marketing specialist, I understand the value Klaviyo offers. As the first platinum partner outside North America, I've worked with over 250 UK & European brands to help manage and optimise the strategies that drive real ecommerce growth.

Klaviyo isn't just an email marketing platform

it's a customer-insight centre that sits at the core of your ecommerce growth machine

Ecommerce Marketing Stack built upon Klaviyo

It's not just a plug-and-play exercise. Your entire email marketing mindset transitions from the email blast mentality to a structured process of automated flows and behaviour-targeted campaigns and sequences.

With Klaviyo you have the opportunity to deliver your email subscribers a better experience. An experience based upon the individual, not the list. An experience that rewards you with greater, more profitable acquisition and retention revenues through the email channel.

I want you to do the work. With my guidance (having audited and managed 100+ klaviyo accounts) I work alongside ecommerce founders and in-house marketers to teach you how to build, manage and optimise email acquisition and retention strategies.

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UK-based Klaviyo Expert

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actioning advanced email marketing through customer segmentation and flow optimisation

customer-centred ⬝ data-informed ⬝ story-driven

I work one-to-one with a small number of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands in order to successfully help them build their email strategy and processes using Klaviyo.

Ecommerce clients, brands with a £500k+ yearly store revenue, engage me to help advance their email marketing strategy and then optimise their email marketing flow performance.

Working with Shopify, Magento 2, WooCommerce and BigCommerce ecommerce clients to provide advice through the integration process through to planning and actioning an advanced ecommerce marketing strategy.

Email Marketing. Optimised.

mapping flows & customer segmentation to help you send better emails

Our work together is an on-going process of learning. To help you convert visitors into subscribers, to optimise sequences to fuel customer lifetime value through your email marketing.

Our work spans across the following expertise & Klaviyo features:

flow Foundations

  • Performance Audit

    Review of current flow performance and deliverability

  • Tech Stack Integration

    Review process across all technology integrations inc. reviews, loyalty, surveying, subscription platforms

  • List Growth Strategy

    Actioning a continual process of a/b testing and list growth optimisation

  • Email Copywriting Strategy

    Ensuring consistency in tone, language and conversational style

  • Deliverability Review & Processes

    Shift from the perilous spam folder... ensure your list is clean, relevant and reachable

flow Strategy

  • Welcome Sequencing

    Effective onboarding of new subscribers

  • Behaviour-Triggered Flows

    New flow creation based on customer behaviour & predictive insights

  • Cart Abandonment

    Advancing cart recovery campaigns based on customer behaviour, value and demographics

  • Browser Abandonment

    Send smarter product-focused emails to highly engaged subscribers

  • Post-Sale Communications

    Give customers all the information they need at the right time

 Flow Optimisation

  • A/B Testing

    continual a/b testing across timings, subject line and email previews on high volume flows

  • Call-To-Action Testing

    A/B test your way to greater email click rates

  • Copy Optimisation

    Testing success of short vs long form copy on high volume flows

  • Attribution & Reporting

    Gain insight into the real success of your email marketing strategy

  • Mobile First

    Design for the majority of your subscribers

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