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How to setup Gorgias for Shopify

For busy customer support teams there’s a disconnect between web-based conversations and phone calls. Whilst you have a suite of analytics available to you to track responses and customer success online, incoming calls from customers are often a challenge to track and include in your overall support platform.

Until now.

Gorgias have recently introduced their native phone integration. When your customers desire an immediate response (and let’s face it, the vast majority of live chat sessions can cause irritation) picking up the phone and speaking to your team directly can be the only viable solution.

View caller profiles, purchase history and prior conversations from all channels

When a customer calls you’ll have all their details to hand saving both you and your customer’s time. It’s straight down to solving the problem your customer is calling about.

Phone caller context

Gorgias Call Alerts

Get Started With Gorgias‘ Shopify Customer Support Platform

Gorgias have already released this feature for their US & Canadian clients. The UK version has just launched too. This will then allow you to choose a dedicated phone number within the platform that can be used specifically for your customer support. All calls can be answered from within the Gorgias app. The video below offers a little more detail of how this works….

Gorgias is a support platform I recommend to Shopify stores of all sizes. You can’t hide behind an email address. Adding live chat (where you can easily respond to customer queries) as well as pulling all customer comments from social channels into one central source allows you to turn customer support into a money making operation. You get to LEARN from your customers. The questions they have. The issues they face.

Your job is to take that learning and make strides to help build an even better shopping experience. Customer support is crucial for any modern brand that desires growth.

Gorgias, as a platform alongside it’s key analytics and reporting suite, gives you everything you need to successfully scale your customer support operations.

To learn more about Gorgias and how it helps Shopify store owners take complete control of their customer support click the link below

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Gorgias has quickly become my go-to platform for customer support for all Shopify stores. The ease of integration, customisations and learnings you can extract make Gorgias the perfect tool to help enhance your customer's shopping experience. Plus Gorgias is hugely scaleable and pulls all customer communications (eg. Email, Facebook & Instagram comments and live chat) all into one centralised platform. Your customers deserve Gorgias.

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