Turning your shopify store into a 7 figure business

UK based independent Shopify growth expert Ian Rhodes

How To Grow Sales For Your Shopify Shop

Do you sell products people love and deliver a level of service they truly appreciate?

Do you believe you have a business that can scale to 7-figure yearly revenues?

Shopify is the foundation you build your ecommerce business upon. My job is to action the strategies, tools and processes that allow you to unlock your next stage of growth. To take your business to 7 figures. Profitably. Sustainably.

I'm not a designer. I'm certainly not a developer. I plan and scale Shopify growth.

What I bring to your business is the expertise to understand exactly what strategies will drive profitable growth for your store rather than a series of 'best practice' hacks. You're better than that.

Are you in the process of considering revamping your store or spending even more money on an agency that promises to 'rocket your growth'? Give me a call beforehand. It may be that through a few new opportunities you can put that budget to better use.

I work with stores with revenues up to 7 figures in 1 of 4 ways;

  • to advise on next stage growth strategy for existing Shopify stores
  • to audit your existing store and make recommendations on growth strategies
  • to take the role of Growth Marketer, leading, doing and managing all growth activity for your ecommerce business.
  • to coach in-house teams on how to drive growth for your Shopify store making best use of data, technology & the human touch (this is still about people buying from people)

I'm bringing 25 years of ecommerce expertise to your brand.

Clients are either funded startups or growth hungry brands with a clear product-market fit ready to achieve next stage growth.

Shopify Expert & DTC Consultant on Shopify

Ian Rhodes

UK Shopify growth Expert

Work With Me Across a 12-Step Growth Programme For Your Shopify Store

Making best use of data, technology & the human touch to drive real ecommerce growth

reviewing & equipping you with best ecommerce tools that help you scale & fuel profitable growth

gathering key customer insights from your store customers each step of their buying journey

optimising product pages to convert hesitant visitors into confident shoppers

creating landing pages that can transform the success of your Facebook Ads and allow you to scale paid ads with confidence

improving site navigation so that customers can find the exact product or information they need with ease

helping you drive AOV through product bundling and upsell opportunities before and after the purchase

ensuring you're making best use of Shopify and Klaviyo to build and optimise behaviour-triggered email flows

to ensure you have access to key real business reporting and have a clear view of your financial KPIs across your store

ensuring next-level SEO strategy is actioned so that context-based landing pages (articles, guides etc) and product pages fuel organic growth as they rank, resonate and convert

... and you know what? we'll have a bit of fun along the way too

... building a framework for your Shopify store and your ecommerce growth strategy

Take the next step to owning a thriving Shopify store

Contact me today by emailing [email protected] or dropping your details across in the form below. I'lll be in touch right away.