What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing app for Shopify?

Good question. I'm here to help you. Social Snowball is the tool that I use and recommend for any size Shopify store to help you build, manage and automate the entire affiliate marketing process and help you scale profitable cost-controlled sales for your store.

✅ The Best Shopify Affiliate Marketing Software

Okay, so writing this is making me feel so so old.... but I got my 'start' in ecommerce way back in 1998 as (I think) the first Affiliate Manager in the UK. Building an affiliate partnership network of over 2,500+ websites (yes, that many did exist back 20 or so years ago!).

Affiliate Marketing recommended app for ShopifyWe sold magazine subscriptions. We recruited hobby/niche sites with a perfect fit between our magazine title and their content. We built 'magazine shops' for some of the UK's biggest brands, BT, Firebox, Royal Mail and the major ISPs way back then. Remember FreeServe?

So, affiliate marketing has always been at the heart of my work. As a strategist as well as a practitioner.

Back to 2023 now. Social Snowball is a platform that works for startups through the fast growth Shopify stores. The integration is super simple - we're talking hours rather than weeks or days. The integration with Klaviyo allowing you to sync data including affiliate earnings means that you can control all publisher/influencer relationships straight from Klaviyo. This then allows easy comms with your affiliates to get the best our of the platform and the growth potential that affiliate marketing offers your brand.

✅ How to track affiliate links in Shopify?

Social Snowball offers you 4 different ways to successfully track affiliate sales through Shopify;

  1. Discount Codes - no issues with attribution here, just invited your affiliates to share their unique discount code and sales will be attributed to their account
  2. UTM Links - using GA4-based codes that can be tracked on a timed cookie back to the referring affiliate
  3. Discount Links - provide product or collection links that integrate the affiliates assigned discount code
  4. NEW! Safelinks - a game changer - each time a customer clicks an affiliate link a popup presents a single-use, trackable, discount code to the customer - highly recommended to avoid codes finding their way onto discount code farms...

How to track affiliate marketing links in Shopify