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1-2-1 ecommerce growth coaching for product makers and market shakers


Providing trusted, ongoing mentoring and guidance to founders of brands as we ready your business for the next stage of ecommerce growth.

Coaching suits store owners and in-house marketers, that have a good understanding of market fit, gained initial success and are ready to achieve their next phase of growth.

Ecommerce Coach UK

Ian Rhodes

Ecommerce Growth Coach

Working with Ian is probably the best thing that has happened to us in the last 6 years. Ian has managed to help us turn a corner by training up our team immensely."
- Rivki, Ecommerce Manager at Private White VC

Helping you lower Acquisition Costs, Increase AOV and build regular repeat business (without trashing your prices!)

You're wary of escalating costs across Google and Facebook. Sometimes it feels great (when CPAs are in your favour) other times it can feel like a trap. My role is to work with you to help reduce acquisition costs. To do more to acquire and retain customers and to build community and loyalty around your brand. Something, perhaps, your agency partners don't appear to prioritise. They like to help you spend more, right?

I want you to take ownership of your ecommerce growth strategy. To build the optimisation skills, knowledge and conversion insights needed to drive profitable growth. It's where brands see the greatest success.

The majority of our focus is placed upon optimisation.  'How' to optimise and helping you get confident with the process of optimisation. To help you make best use of the data and marketing technology available to you. To invest wisely and get the most out of each tool you bring onboard.

I work with you and your team to review traffic growth strategies, paid and organic, and the whole shopping experience. I provide honest feedback and help focus your traffic growth to create scaleable, profitable routes to market. We work to a plan. The key to profitable growth is turning those visitors into shoppers and those shoppers into repeat customers.

Our work together spans across:

Setting foundations, strategy and processes for your SEO

Evolving the conversion process with a structured approach to learning and optimisation

Ensuring you're using and mastering the most suited marketing technology to help automate, personalise and scale your conversion strategy

Creating and optimising list growth strategies to onboard potential customers

Making the best use of product and lifestyle imagery and video

Building and optimising email welcome flows and behaviour-triggered sequences  to drive customer acquisition

Using behavioural data to fuel customer insight and set foundations beginning your a/b testing

Integration of personalisation processes across your homepage, category and product pages

Building out product landing pages - the imagery, copy and structure

Planning your pricing, shipping & discounting strategy to incentivise new customers and reward existing customers

Understanding the value of product scarcity

Learning how to set up and track micro conversions to make more informed decisions

Know the Shopify technology and apps that help you optimise, boost conversion and improve the customer experience

Optimisation across the entire customer journey

Recommendations for a Ecommerce coach or mentor

it can be fun!?

"I've worked with Ian since 2017 and he has been incredible!

He truly has become an essential part of the business and continues to exceed my high expectations in every way. Ian's also very fun to work with which is an added bonus!"
- Keri-Anne - Founder of a women's fashion brand

okay... there's a business value too...

Without a doubt the business would not be where it is today without Ian.

He has supported me on everything; I rarely make a move without checking in with Ian. His balance of action alongside coaching is the ideal combination, allowing me to learn but jumping in when needed.

Ian has a fun and easy going nature allowing for honesty every step of the way that benefits you and your business. I would recommend Ian to any eCommerce business owner and plan to keep him involved in my business for many years to come."
- Heather - Founder of a pet retail brand

Recommendations for a Ecommerce coach or mentor

how to fuel profitable, sustainable ecommerce growth

teaching optimisation skills and sharing insights across DATA, TECHNOLOGY AND THE HUMAN TOUCH


  • The Tools Needed

    get equipped with the right technology to deliver your customers a better shopping experience

  • The Data Needed

    making sure your data is clean and you have access to the right data through Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Event Tracking

  • Time Management & Productivity

    Reviewing how time is currently spent to ensure you're working to a more structured process making full use of automation tools and technology

  • Growing Your Audience

    Full audit of existing traffic and traffic channels to help ensure paid and organic growth strategies and ready to scale


  • Personalisation

    Using technology and the human touch to deliver your site visitors a better shopping experience

  • Content & SEO Strategy

    be the brand that educates - work to a creative strategy where creating and sharing content helps your customers learn, builds trust and drives sales

  • Conversion Optimisation

    putting in place a process of continual optimisation to help make it easier for people to find the products and information they need to purchase with confidence

  • Advancing Email Marketing

    structuring list growth, welcome sequences and targeted behaviour-based segments to drive conversion


  • Post Purchase Experience & Retention

    Let's give people a reason to leave reviews, share with friends and feel rewarded through your post-purchase communications and the unboxing experience

  • Build Your Community

    make your customers feel like they've joined an exclusive club through the content you share, the insight you delivery and the community you build

  • Driving Loyalty

    to help increase customer retention we will motivate customers to register for purchase-driven rewards - whether that be discounts or product.

  • Targeting New Audiences

    Strategically scaling and reaching new audiences or to widen your reach through hyper-targeted FB advertising


Costs, technology, contracts etc


To check availability use the form below (or email me at [email protected]) and I'll be in touch to learn more about your brand and to discuss how I may help grow your ecommerce business.

"I have no hesitation in recommending Ian to any start up business owner no matter how small your niche, he is truly outstanding"
- Sharon Demmery - Founder of