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Providing trusted, ongoing mentoring and guidance to entrepreneurs and business owners as we ready your brand for the next stage of growth.

Coaching suits ecommerce entrepreneurs that have already achieved initial success and are ready to drive their next phase of growth. Brands typically with online revenues over £250,000 ($300,000) per year. I do work with highly ambitious startup founders too

For more established brands, I work direct with in-house teams to help master the skills, technology and agile processes that full sustainable, profitable growth.

Ecommerce Coach UK

Ian Rhodes

Ecommerce Growth Coach

I'm Here To Guide You As You Deliver Your Customers A Truly Personalised Shopping Experience

You're wary of escalating costs across Google and Facebook. Sometimes it feels great (when CPAs are in your favour) other times it can feel like a trap. My role is to work with you to help reduce acquisition costs. To do more to retain customers and to build community and loyalty around your brand. Something, perhaps, your agency partners don't appear to prioritise. They like to help you spend more.

Our work is both practical and strategic. The majority of our focus is placed upon conversion, customer retention and the ever evolving business model. To help you make best use of the marketing technology available to you. To invest wisely and get the most out of each tool you bring onboard.

I review traffic growth strategies and provide honest feedback. However, the key to profitable growth is turning those visitors into shoppers and those shoppers into repeat customers.

Our work together spans across:

Evolving the business model with ideas to help build your audience and develop clear differentiation in your market

Advising on recruitment and helping in-house staff master their marketing skills

Ensure you're using the best marketing technology to automate, personalise and scale your business upon

Rapidly grow your email subscriber list to onboard potential customers

Growing your ecommerce business internationally - shipping strategies and returns policies

Establishing realistic acquisition cost targets

Develop your customer retention strategy to grow repeat business

Begin recovering more abandoned carts using behaviour-based email and messenger automations

Master email segmentation to drive personalisation

Optimise your Google Ads Shopping feed to target purchase-ready visitors

Focus your price, shipping & discounting strategy

Understand customer lifetime value & target your best customer profiles

To bring a clearer understanding of the use of data and customer-insight to make more informed decisions

Know the Shopify, WooCommerce & Magento apps that boost conversion and improve the customer experience

Personalising the entire customer journey

Recommendations for a Ecommerce coach or mentor

it can be fun too!?

"I've worked with Ian since 2017 and he has been incredible!

He truly has become an essential part of the business and continues to exceed my high expectations in every way. Ian's also very fun to work with which is an added bonus!"
- Keri-Anne - Founder of a women's fashion brand

Focusing in on the shopping experience.
Blending DATA, TECHNOLOGY AND THE HUMAN TOUCH TO drive profitable growth for your ecommerce brand


  • Ecommerce Marketing Technology Review

    to ensure the necessary tools and data are in place, tracking and functioning correctly

  • Customer Insight

    collating data from existing customers to help improve upon the buying experience

  • Copy, Video & Imagery

    Learn how to make what you make matter through the copy you writer & thestories you share

  • Data Insight

    using Google Analytics to discover purchase road-blocks and growth opportunities


  • Increasing AOV

    product & category focus pre-purchase up-sell of relevant low-cost items to increase average order value

  • List Growth

    series of tests across copy, imagery, timing and source to help increase % of non-buying customers that register for email updates

  • Conversational Marketing & Welcome Sequences

    optimisation of personalised email & messenger marketing based upon the browser behaviour of non-purchasing customers

  • Cart Recovery

    running an optimisation programme across all abandoned carts based upon cart value and customer (new vs returning) to boost cart recovery


  • Browse Abandonment

    managing behaviour-based email automations that deliver subscribers with product-specific insight, scarcity and social-proofing based on product views to help motivate purchase

  • Product Reviews

    managing and optimising the review request programme to inspire happy customers to leave product reviews that give other customers great insight into product benefits.

  • Driving Loyalty

    to help increase customer retention we will motivate customers to register for purchase-driven rewards - whether that be discounts or merchandise.

  • Advanced Email Marketing

    Segmentation, Automations and Retention Strategies


Costs, technology, contracts etc


To check availability use the form below (or email me at [email protected]) and I’ll be in touch to learn more about your brand and to discuss how I may help grow your ecommerce business.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Ian to any start up business owner no matter how small your niche, he is truly outstanding”
– Sharon Demmery – Founder of