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I'm here to focus on how to use marketing technology to move the needle for your brand. Profit.  To help you build your marketing skills and develop the tech stack answering 3 foundational questions;

  1. How will this new tool help us to grow and impact our P&L tomorrow and in the months ahead?
  2. How will this tool help you develop your skills and efficiencies as a marketer, or marketing team?
  3. How will this tool improve our customer's shopping experience, either before or after the sale?

First off, let's go round the virtual table and make some some quick intros....

About Me. I'm an ecommerce marketing veteran that has slowly leaned into the world of tech. Not out of curiosity, but out of necessity. Few brands are making the most of the opportunities today's marketing technology provides. It's my mission to educate and demonstrate how the right tech moves both the profit + growth needles in the right direction.

First and foremost my job is ecommerce growth.

I've been building and growing ecommerce brands for my entire 25 year career. Starting out as a marketer for one of the UK's first ecommerce brands and then going all in bootstrapping my own ecommerce business (w/ stock, staff and warehouse etc etc) to 7-figures. For the past 14 years I've built my marketing consultancy collaborating with over 215 brands at varying stages of growth.

About You. You're making products your customers love and providing service they appreciate.  Tech isn't at the forefront of your mind. You're probably stuck with one or more of these 5 common growth headaches;

  1. Acquisition costs are high. You feel your business is overly reliant on ads but you don't really understand if they're 'working' for you. Do you continue with ads, blend or focus your work on more profitable channels?
  2. Traffic is healthy, but converting visitors into buyers is letting you down. What can you be doing to reach more of your ideal customers?
  3. You really need to get a handle on the financials (CPAs, Blended ROAS, MER etc) to prioritise where you spend your time, money and energies. What metrics matter, how do you best measure them and how do you improve them?
  4. Your business model is built upon retention. People aren’t coming back to buy again. Your product is great but you're not seeing the repeat business rates you expected… what can we do to improve retention?
  5. Sales have plateaued and margins are tight. You don't want to run deeper discounts, but what can you do next to make sure you stay profitable?

Through the right strategy, selection and use of tech, you can achieve each of these ecommerce growth goals. Profitably and confidently.  You just need a fresh set of eyes to look at your current position and figure out what needs to happen next. You need guidance and a helping hand from a trusted ecommerce partner - somebody to work taking a holistic approach & no 'best practice marketing playbook' 🤢 ... you're better than that.

There aren't many of us around. Even fewer that have been through this process building their own ecommerce brand, investing their own money, and then building expertise across multiple markets, helping 100's of brands drive real growth. This is data-informed, customer-centred, tech-driven ecommerce growth.

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Ecommerce Marketing Technology Advisor

Ian Rhodes

Ecommerce Marketing
Technology Consultant

"Working with Ian over the past year, we have improved our UX through new site technologies, including a personal buying assistant, site search, personalisation and a new review system. Ian has been there to guide and support us along the way, ensuring we are using the technology to its fullest."

Anne Davies - OWNER OF

The strategy, data and technology at the core of your ecommerce growth machine

You're spoiled for choice with the sheer volume of ecommerce technology available to you right now. Let's work together to review, adopt and master the right marketing technology for your ecommerce business now and in the future. To deliver your customers the shopping experience they deserve.

... the list is constantly growing having worked with 200+ retailers during the past 20 years

  • Business Intelligence allowing you a full understanding of customer acquisition and retention metrics - real business analysis data that informs your growth strategy on channel performance profitability
  • Put the 'O' into SEO as you use optimisation and search insight tools to help identify the terms where you rank and discover new opportunities to drive organic growth on automation
  • Attribution modelling technology that helps you better understand which channels are working for you
  • Post Purchase surveys to gather key insights from new customers
  • Inventory Management & Fulfilment to help ease stock processing and to work with 3rd party logistics and fulfilment centres
  • Facebook Ads management and creative technologies that all you to confidently build and scale your FB ads strategy with full view of the metrics that matter
  • Email marketing and SMS platforms that allow you to personalise and optimise email flows and scale conversations not blast messages inc. Klaviyo, Omnisend and Sendlane
  • Personalisation platforms to help make the shift from a one-to-all to one-to-one shopping experience inc. LimeSpot, Segmentify, Kameleoon and more.
  • Customer service & chatbots to ensure all communication is centralised using tools inc. Gorgias, LiveChat, HelpScout and ZenDesk
  • User Generated content platforms that allow you to share the voice and imagery of your customer
  • Product recommendation engines that smartly present your website visitors with the right product at the right time
  • Messenger chatbot automation that allow you to scale and retain that vital human-touch of your business
  • Cart Abandonment platforms that allow you to test the most effective messaging to recovery abandoned carts based on behavioural data
  • A/B testing and experimentation platforms that helps you optimise the customer journey and increase profit without spending on more traffic
  • Behavioural Marketing software that personalises your customer's onsite experience inc. Dynamic Yield
  • Product subscriptions using Bold or Recharge to help drive profitable repeat business
  • On-site search that is fuelled by data and customer insight to present the right products
  • Product review platforms that grow customer recommendations, are product specific and help you convert more first time customers
  • Customer referral and rewards software that enables a new route to drive customer loyalty inc. LoyaltyLion, MentionMe and more.
  • Pop-ups and exit intent software that help you promote and test new offers and incentivise purchase without interrupting your visitor's focus inc. Privy, JustUno and Optimonk.
  • User-journey analysis including session recordings, heatmapping and reporting that demonstrate new ways to enhance customer experience inc. HotJar.

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I review and advise upon ecommerce technology-driven strategies for direct-to-consumer, retail and b2b clients from funded startups to multi-national retailers. I also help train in-house marketers to master the tools of their trade.

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