Seriously, how much marketing technology do you really need?

Don’t get too hung up on technology. You probably have all the tools you need right now to build a sustainable ecommerce business. I’m thinking you already have access to your Facebook Ads campaigns where you can deliver relevant messages to relevant audiences? I’m guessing you have the platform (one … Read More

Customer Retention: Why the one-size-fits-all approach is crazy

Customer Retention Strategies

Don’t take comfort knowing that most brands still adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to customer retention. We are all consumers. We witness, daily, the methods of retailers to entice us to shop again. Rarely are those enticements delivered to you, the individual. Instead, there’s a button clicked, somewhere, with the end … Read More

…and that is why our product exists

what goes before the 3 dots for your business? I don’t mean some bullshit about the big ‘why?’ that marketers have become infatuated talking about (thanks Sinek). I mean, from your customer’s view, why should I buy what you sell? What is the reason? The answer doesn’t come down to … Read More

The one about the £217 bar of chocolate (+ free shipping)

What’s the price of a bar of chocolate? 50p, £1.00? Not a box… but a bar. And the price of a good bottle of wine? £10 from the local store? £25 at your favourite restaurant? Price expectations are already set before you introduce a product to your customer. For products … Read More

Great marketing should take place after the sale too…

The old value propositions of quick delivery, best prices and easy returns are now the standards. You can’t create competitive advantage based upon delivery when the likes of Amazon exist. Customer expectations have already been set. So, we need to think and behave more creatively, more personably. The one thing … Read More

You know what fuels a good customer acquisition strategy?

I believe, as marketers, we spend too much time focused on new customer acquisition without a real understanding of the value of retaining our customers. To the extent it shackles business growth. The greater value a customer is to your ecommerce business, the greater the scope for setting your customer … Read More