This business of ‘I’d rather pay full price’….

Successful ecommerce copywriting is conversational. It’s fun. It’s about getting people to love your products and warm to your brand. No matter what you’re selling. It’s about good people talking to good people. So. What’s happening here? This may patronise your customer. And I’m seeing this more and more as … Read More

On context and what to do about those popups and overlays

Popups interrupt. Whether your customer is reading, focused on an image or seeking the often mis-placed size guide, the popup will interrupt their thought flow. So, your job is to make that interrupt one that delivers value. And, for the majority of us, the 10% discount code (whole different subject … Read More

Managing the email machine

We’re looking at ecommerce email technology in one of two ways. 1.) For the answers 2.) As the answer The question being ‘how do we unlock profitable growth?‘ The marketing mechanism Email marketing technology isn’t the answer. It’s merely the mechanism that allows you to deliver better email. To bring … Read More

How to optimise cart recovery sequences for your returning customers

How to recover repeat customer carts

Your returning customers abandon their carts too. Second thoughts (maybe having only purchased from you recently) or common distractions get in the way. Yes, the trust is greater, but issues still arrive. So let’s discuss what you can do to help you repeat customers complete their next purchase. The case … Read More

Email plans stagnate when you have no story to tell

It’s an easy job for me to sit here and tell you to do more with your email. But then you’re sat there knowing that 5 … maybe 10% of your overall revenues are attributed to your email marketing. What’s the point when you have bigger channels, more revenue-aligned channels, … Read More

The advantage of starting early with your retention strategy

Retention should be the focus for established brands, correct? There’s little need to focus in on retention strategies for early stage ecommerce startups… right? not so. The larger a business gets the greater the unwillingness to change. If a brand is insistent on hammering their entire database (buyers and non-buyers) … Read More

A simple case for retention (it’s where the money is made)

Somewhere along the line you make the switch from an all out assault on customer acquisition to retention. From getting customers to keeping customers. Ask Shopify and they’ll tell you that heavy investment (time) is focused on retention when you’ve reach 10+ sales a day. The reason demonstrated by the … Read More

What additional email flows should you be sending with Klaviyo?

I’m in conversation with store owners regarding their use of Klaviyo on a daily basis. There’s a common thread. Store owners with a list of boxes being ticked. exit-intent overlays that grow your list. ☑️ cart abandonment flow (3 step). ☑️ subscribe onboarding sequence (inc. voucher code). ☑️ customer welcome … Read More

On DTC branding & the value of building an honest community

Growth for the DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) brand requires a whole different playbook from your retailing counterparts. Brand building vs Brand leveraging. You’re not selling somebody else’s brand. You haven’t built your business on the back of other people’s brand. This is your brand. And this is where I’m seeing DTC marketers … Read More