No free shipping? Explain to your customers why…

free shipping alternative

Free Shipping! Free Shipping! Free Shipping! What if you can’t offer free shipping? What if you don’t need to offer free shipping? Love this simple message from sat right there on the product page. Honest in approach. Friendly in tone. Written as you would speak. It’s a challenge to address … Read More

Shopify and the value behind creating product context pages

shopify product context pages

Homepage. Collection Page. Product Page. 9 times out of 10 you’ll find direct to consumer brands pushing visitors from ads to one of the pages listed above. The bad being the homepage crew. Knowing your customer you’ll understand the multitude of reasons people buy what they buy. The importance of … Read More

Retention? First take care of the simple stuff

retention easy as that

“We need help with our post-purchase flows” requested the founder of a luxury bath accessory brand. I was intrigued so placed an order. Also… I was a sucker for the discount code. 5 days later a grey oversized polythene bag arrived with 3 crumpled towels and a flannel. No communications. … Read More

Please don’t send “win back” email campaigns like this

email win back campaign

If your email subscribers are engaged with your brand, and by engaged I mean opening and clicking, be wary of how you approach win-back campaigns. Consider what exactly it is that you’re winning back; Motivating subscribers to make their next purchase Motivating subscribers to re-engage The metrics used to decipher … Read More

A simple lesson on how to build repeat business

teaching customers

There’s an insightful article in MusicRadar this week that will help you with your own ecommerce business. Rarely do my work and pleasure mix (apart from those 5 years I spent building a guitar retail business) so I’ll take full advantage of this situation. A six string wonder Fender (makers … Read More

Is your desire for email addresses killing your growth?

ecommerce discounting strategy

I’m no fan of straight out discounting. The scenario where you throw up a popup and ask for an email address in exchange for a 10% discount code. There are multiple reasons: you’re putting price top of mind for your customer 10% may not seem a big deal when you’re … Read More

This business of ‘I’d rather pay full price’….

paying full price

Successful ecommerce copywriting is conversational. It’s fun. It’s about getting people to love your products and warm to your brand. No matter what you’re selling. It’s about good people talking to good people. So. What’s happening here? This may patronise your customer. And I’m seeing this more and more as … Read More

On context and what to do about those popups and overlays

why do we use popups

Popups interrupt. Whether your customer is reading, focused on an image or seeking the often mis-placed size guide, the popup will interrupt their thought flow. So, your job is to make that interrupt one that delivers value. And, for the majority of us, the 10% discount code (whole different subject … Read More