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B2B Growth Consultancy

The ecommerce industry is swamped with conversation on DTC and consumer retail...

...but what about B2B?

A very different picture. There are very few of us that specialise in B2B. For me, the more the niche, the more I thrive in my work helping b2b leadership teams open up new growth opportunities through ecommerce.

Yes, it's ecommerce. Yes, it's online. Your job is still, very much, about building using the human touch. People buying from people. That's at the forefront of my work within B2B. You don't want to sound like the rest of the robot-esque brands out there.

B2B clients hire me to review, plan and help action the growth strategy, technology and optimisation processes that fuel ecommerce growth for their B2B brand. Focusing on both the operations and logistics of ecommerce as well as customer acquisition and retention. Working alongside senior management and in-house teams, my job is to provide an honest viewpoint on the current ecommerce capabilities (let's face it most B2B organisations aren't keeping up with the needs of their buyers).

Our work is focused primarily on customer acquisition. To make the shift away from the consumer-based world to help you get discovered by business buyers creating content that focuses in on the questions and needs of your ideal customers.

You'll learn how to build your audience through organic channels, create content that resonates, convert visitors into buyers and develop relationships with key accounts to drive growth for the long haul.

Operationally, you'll be equipped with the most suited technology to help you scale across the front and back-end;

  • warehouse: inventory and order management
  • personalisation: tailored pricing and offering for high value clients
  • delivery: local courier and international dispatching and shipping
  • accounting: payments, costing and purchasing

Clients are typically £1m+ revenue b2b businesses operating in niche markets that are opening up new channels of distribution, manufacturing relationships or direct ecommerce sales opportunities. I'm sharing 20+ years of knowledge working in both B2B and direct to consumer brands to help you drive profitable and sustainable growth for your B2B.

B2B Ecommerce SEO & Content Strategy

  • keyword research and identifying the questions that your customers head to Google to seek answers for  
  • creating an authority brand content creation strategy
  • optimisation across articles, guides and helpdesk content to ensure that you rank, resonate and convert

B2B Email Marketing Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • putting in a place a strategy to build your subscriber base
  • creating behaviour based email flows that are personalised and relevant to the individual
  • helping isolate key potential customers and creating nurturing flows that lead to opportunities for sales teams

B2B Customer Retention Strategy

  • reward your best customers and nurture new customer relationships
  • automate entire marketing processes using self serve and customer accounts
  • make repeat purchasing easy and straightforward for your customer

B2B Growth Consultant

Ian Rhodes
B2B Ecommerce Growth Specialist

B2B SEO Expert

Ian helped us set up our first eCommerce offer and optimise our website for conversions. Over the months we worked together he was a positive, inspiring presence and brought clarity and focus to our efforts to create something new and exciting. We are delighted at how the website and the new offer has turned out and would recommend Ian to anyone."

 Phil Scoble - PKL Group

Your B2B Ecommerce Growth Process

  • Advising on your ecommerce platform and platform integration partners
  • Guiding replatforming strategy
  • Mapping out complex integration processes w/ inventory, warehouse and b2b customers
  • Marketing technology requirements and recommendations
  • Integrating analytics platforms for learning, insights and reporting
  • Creating account based email marketing strategies based on key customer segments
  • Managing SEO processes and reporting
  • Helping implement brand and ecommerce marketing strategies
  • Advising on trusted external agencies to assist with site build and integrations

I've been figuring out what makes people click since 1996. There's no template to follow. No 'best practice' rule book. This is about you, your service and your customer.

I'm working in an ever widening variety of B2B retail environments. From the ultra-niche to the ultra-competitive market. Working alongside smart B2B ecommerce businesses who sometimes struggle to blend all their digital marketing activity into a meaningful framework. A seamless strategy that drives conversion. This is at the core of my work for you.

Bringing over 20 years of experience understanding what motivates people to take action online.

B2B Conversion Optimisation Consultant

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"Intelligent, communicative and supportive with an eye for detail and a portfolio of fresh ideas, I cannot recommend Ian highly enough."

- David Morton - Digital Marketing Manager at