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Quick intro....

  • 25 years in ecommerce as an employee, startup founder and consultant
  • Former European Marketing Director for the world's largest online travel company
  • Bootstrapped my own ecommerce business from 0 - £2m in 3 years
  • 13 years running Ecommerce Growth Co. as an independent ecommerce strategy consultant working with over 150+ brands in a wide variety of markets
  • Spoken at 20+ conferences around the world on the strategies that drive ecommerce growth

Equipping ecommerce teams to do their best work fuelled by strategy, data & technology

actioning a 3-step growth strategy that helps you gather key customers insights and make best use of today's technology as you build your ecommerce growth machine.

The key to your success. Before you begin working with customer insights your marketing activity is based upon your own or somebody else's hunch. You ask "What might work?" A series of to-dos, seeking out best practices, avenues that are primarily focused on your company objectives - to sell more products as cost effectively as possible.

Armed with customer insights your mindset shifts. You're investigating customer opinion, product reviews and learning how you make what you make matter. You discover how to ask better questions. You're figuring out your customer's own, sometimes unique, objectives.

Equipped with the right technology you're able to build out automated systems that allow you to

  • Share key customer data between platforms
  • Optimise understanding customer browsing and buying behaviour
  • Experiment with new marketing ideas
  • Deliver your customers a next-level shopping experience.

You ease your work load building out efficiencies so your tasks, going forward, focus on making best use of your newly gathered insights. And your time.

You can now prioritise how you spend your time lowering acquisition costs, driving up average order values and building repeat business. No more hunches. You're working to a process.

Now you're ready to assign the human touch to your marketing and create content that greets your customer at each step of their buying journey. To build community around your products and your brand.Using your new found customer insights and tech stack you can successfully;

  • optimise product pages knowing how to prioritise your copy on what matters to your customers.
  • deliver email welcome flows that help educate potential customers and shift focus away from price.
  • build landing pages focused on the emotive connection behind why people buy your products.
  • write articles that highlight customer success stories (and work great for SEO).
  • send regular email campaigns that share stories that resonate with your community of subscribers
  • design a next-level shopping experience that makes product discovery and purchase easy.
  • create social media updates that shine light on people and process. The product makers and your customers.

Armed with a better understanding of your customer you have the ability to write in context, to create conversations, to draw in empathy to your writing as you hone your copywriting skills. Emotive selling. It's persuasive stuff.

You're now a more effective marketer.
This is what I teach. How to manage the machine that delivers you real ecommerce growth.
Helping you make best use of customer insights, marketing technology and the human touch.
I'm here to show you how.

UK Based Ecommerce Consultancy


ecommerce consultant

"When growth came the results were much greater than they would otherwise have been. I highly recommend working with Ian."
Neil McLaren - Founder at Vaping.com


All the conversations and thoughts you've had about website personalisation, making better use of today's technology, customer insight and use of data... improving the customer experience.

Plus the plans to a/b test and learn what really impacts and influences your customer's purchase decisions. All the ideas that haven't yet come to fruition.

My clients, a small group of established brands, hire me advise on the marketing and operational efficiencies that deliver next stage growth. To help you deliver a feel good shopping experience for your customers before and after the sale.

1.) Direct to Consumer brands. Working directly with in-house marketing teams.  Brand owners that require senior level expertise to advise and deliver strategic guidance for their business. A business mentor as well as a trusted ecommerce expert. A partner to plan and execute upon a strategy that focuses on customer-centred business growth.

2.) Established retail brands and b2b organisations wary of rising acquisition costs and ecommerce technology advancements that require an honest, external review of current performance and a strategic roadmap to advance ecommerce operations.

This isn't top level strategy telling you to spend more to sell more. I'll dive into each aspect of your ecommerce activity to bring you a structured approach on how to increase customer acquisition and retention for your store.

You'll reduce costs where needed. You'll fund initiatives where justified. You'll invest in the right personalisation technology for your brand. Together we'll ensure you are taking full advantage of today's ecommerce technology & tools to deliver true customer centricity across your entire ecommerce operation.

helping you achieve customer-led ecommerce growth

the levers that fuel next stage growth for your business

Ecommerce technology recommendations


Using qualitative and quantitative data to learn first-hand from your customers how to evolve the shopping experience and the ways your customers select and use your products. Vital information that you shift your marketing strategy to a truly customer-first mindset.

Ecommerce Copywriting


With customer insights to hand we'll review all communications as you begin the shift to customer-centred copy across your store, emails and communications. You'll pinpoint the voice and tone using customer language that motivates people to purchase.

Advice on customer loyalty and review platforms for ecommerce stores


Select the right technology to help you personalise the review process. Know the questions to ask that help you learn from your customers. Collect with ease insight from new and existing customers to identify and learn what motivates purchase and what truly matters.

How to segment customers to help conversion for ecommerce store


Using personalisation platforms that deliver product recommendations on your homepage and category pages based on customer insight and shopping behaviour

Product Page Optimisation


Improve efficiencies across the business to develop operations, get technology working for you and data flowing, hire effectively and ensure true customer-centricity

recommended ecommerce platforms - shopify, magento2, woocommerce, bigcommerce


Rank better for the search topics that matter. Reviewing top, mid and low funnel search optimisation to help you build the pages that fuel organic growth and reduce blended ROAS across the business

best shopify apps for ecommerce


Creating and managing flows triggered by customer behaviour and personalised through customer insight. Start making better use of data to deliver the customer experience that drives ecommerce growth

grow ecommerce business internationally


You have the opportunity to deliver your customer the best shopping experience they've encountered. Now do your bit to reward loyalty, help build word-of-mouth and acknowledge the customers that fuel your growth.

best retargeting strategies for ecommerce stores


Wary of escalating customer acquisition costs? I'll help diagnose CPA performance on a category and product-based review of data. You'll then push budget to channels that work to fuel profitable acquisition targets

"The work we have done together has seen our online business go from strength to strength driving more traffic to our website and yet reducing our cost per conversion. "
David Winstanley - Managing Director at Pramworld

"He is an e-commerce professional with a depth of expertise and is a pleasure to do business with. I would not hesitate in seeking his consulting services again on another project."
Mathew Wade - Head of Digital at Gossard


Building and growing Ecommerce Brands For 20 Years

Wearing the hats of employee, director, ecommerce business owner & consultant.

Finding my feet at a startup online magazine subscription retailer way back in 1996. When animated gifs first roamed the 'net and web browsers were at the version 1.0 stage.

4 years on, I moved on to Priceline.com taking the role of European Marketing Director. Learning sustainable growth at a market innovator who are now the world's largest travel company.

In 2004 I launched my own ecommerce business. From 0 to £2m. bootstrapped. Doing the things you've done. Balancing time and energy marketing my business and running my business.

For the past 12 years my time has been dedicated to my ecommerce consulting business. Working with management and in-house teams to lay the foundations for next stage ecommerce growth advising on operational efficiencies to help drive down acquisition costs and deliver your customer a better shopping experience.

"one of today’s leaders in Conversion Rate Optimization, people who don’t just talk the talk but put their theories to the test on a daily basis." - CrazyEgg
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how we work together

Clients are in-house ecommerce teams requiring senior level guidance and project management to take their ecommerce offering to the next level.

Businesses that value their customers. Know their customers. Businesses built on behalf of their customers. I have to believe in the products you're selling. Whether premium brands or innovative products. We have to share an understanding that there's a demand for what you sell.

I work alongside senior management to plan & in-house marketing teams to implement. You might also be transitioning from an outsourced agency who simply didn't perform and now you want to bring your marketing in-house?


what are you looking to accomplish?