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to google or facebook...

let's start converting MORE of your existing store visitors into buyers & MORE buyers into repeat customers.
making better use of customer insight, marketing technology & the human touch.

Ecommerce Consultant UK

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advancing the use of ecommerce marketing technology to deliver a process of continual optimisation. Driving down acquisition costs, building loyalty and growing customer lifetime value

An ecommerce consultant hired to help you convert more visitors into buyers & more buyers into repeat customers.

Bring my 22 (yes, that's twenty-two!) years of ecommerce growth expertise & insight to your brand. I partner with senior management & in-house teams to help create and optimise a better shopping experience - before and after the sale.

My clients have already discovered their market-fit and turnover more than £250k per year. Now it's about conversion.

Ecommerce Consultant


ecommerce growth consultant

"When growth came the results were much greater than they would otherwise have been. I highly recommend working with Ian."
Neil McLaren - Founder at


My role is to build and action the advanced marketing strategies that drive growth for your ecommerce brand each step of your customer's journey.

We're using data, technology and the human touch to inspire new customers to shop & motivate more of your existing customers to shop again. Actioning conversion strategies to optimise key customer touchpoints including:

THE TECHNOLOGY: reviewing & equipping you with best-fit ecommerce marketing technology

LIST GROWTH STRATEGIES: a/b testing personalisation messaging, timing & location-based strategies for new & existing customers

OPTIMISED WELCOME SEQUENCES: using customer behaviour & demographic data to deliver the most relevant and targeted welcome emails that drive conversion.

DELIVERABILITY: ensuring maximum inbox reach and routine cleaning of email lists

REDUCING CART ABANDONMENT: optimising cart recovery strategies based on customer data, order value and location

GAINING CUSTOMER INSIGHT: gathering valuable post-purchase feedback from your customers to build social proof and deliver a better shopping experience

OPTIMISING PRICING STRATEGY: testing effectiveness of timed discounted strategies to drive early repeat business

UP-SELL QUICK WINS: optimising order confirmation and order despatch emails to provide more relevance and up-sell related products

PERSONALISATION: delivering a high impact behaviour-based shopping experience, email marketing segmentation & automations

MORE PRODUCT REVIEWS: optimising product review request timing/message to drive the use of customer voice for use across all acquisition campaigns

BROWSE ABANDONMENT EMAILS: sending behaviour-triggered emails to support email newsletter campaigning

ATTRIBUTION TRACKING: get a better understanding of which marketing channels work best for your store

VIP PROGRAMMES: giving your best customers the best treatment inc. loyalty rewards and first access.

INCREASING AOV: with advanced product bundling, recommendations, up-sell and cross-sells based on basket contents

... and you know what? we'll have a bit of fun along the way too

"The work we have done together has seen our online business go from strength to strength
driving more traffic to our website and yet reducing our cost per conversion. "

- David Winstanley - Managing Director at Pramworld


where the real profits are made


Advanced Conversion Strategies
Help More Customers Buy

  • Gaining Customer Research & Data Insights
  • Actioning An A/B Testing Optimisation Process
  • Personalising The Buyer’s Journey
  • Reducing Cart Abandonment
  • Growing Email Lists & Nurturing New Customers


Advanced Retention Strategies
Inspire Customers To Buy Again

  • Focused on Growing Customer Lifetime Value
  • Creating Personalisation & Automation Flows
  • Optimising Welcome & Onboarding Sequencing
  • Rewarding Loyalty & Recommendations
  • Mastering Your Customer’s Post-Sales Experience

"He is an e-commerce professional with a depth of expertise and is a pleasure to do business with.
I would not hesitate in seeking his consulting services again on another project."

Mathew Wade - Head of Digital at Gossard


Building Ecommerce Brands For 20 Years

Wearing the hats of employee, director, ecommerce business owner & consultant.

Finding my feet at a startup online magazine subscription retailer way back in 1996. When animated gifs first roamed the 'net and web browsers were at the version 1.0 stage.

4 years on, I moved on to taking the role of European Marketing Director. Learning sustainable growth at a market innovator who are now the world's largest travel company.

In 2004 I launched my own ecommerce business. From 0 to £2m. bootstrapped. Doing the things you've done. Balancing time and energy marketing my business and running my business.

For the past 10 years my time has been dedicated to my ecommerce consulting business. Working with founders and in-house teams to drive more revenues without increasing ad spend through the advanced use of today's ecommerce marketing technology. It makes scaling easier and more profitable.

“one of today’s leaders in Conversion Rate Optimization, people who don’t just talk the talk but put their theories to the test on a daily basis.”

– CrazyEgg
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Working with popular eCommerce platforms including:
Shopify & Shopify Plus ⬝ Magento 1 & 2 ⬝ BigCommerce ⬝ WooCommerce


how we work together

I work exclusively with funded startups and established retail or direct-to-consumer brands based in the UK or Europe. The majority of clients are omnichannel. Clients are already turning over a minimum of 6-7 figures per year. I do work with ambitious startups too.

Businesses that value their customers. Know their customers. Businesses built on behalf of their customers. I have to believe in the products you’re selling. Whether premium brands or innovative products. We have to share an understanding that there’s a demand for what you sell.

I work alongside senior management to plan & in-house marketing teams to implement. You might also be transitioning from an outsourced agency who simply didn’t perform and now you want to bring your marketing in-house?


Check availability & learn how we can work together

Drop me a line in the form below, email me at [email protected] or give me a call on +44(0)161 706 0608. I’d love to hear about your objectives. Let’s find a way we can work together.