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Start optimising your way to
real ecommerce growth

start optimising now and save months, maybe years,
of missed sales growth working on the wrong things

You won’t fix your sales problems in one day with one ‘growth hack’.

And let’s face it, no matter where you are with your business, we all have sales problems.

  • With the right copy that 1% conversion rate could, over time, turn into 2 or 3 maybe even 5%.
  • With the right SEO strategy and optimisation process, focusing on the search terms that matter your content could move up the Google ranking from page 2 to page 1… maybe even top the charts and deliver 2x or 3x or 10x the level of high-intent traffic.
  • With the right iteration processes that ad could be clicked 1% or 2% or 5% more often by the right kind of people.

You can remove lots of growth blockers where the intended outcome is to make it easier for people to discover you, trust you and ultimately buy what you sell. Growth traction is gained making best use of data, technology & the human touch. That's what I'm here to teach you.

Knowing what to fix and how to fix it?

That’s a whole other conundrum. One where I’ve dedicated my work for many years now building and growing ecommerce businesses.

As the small fixes add up, you have a chance to unlock significant growth opportunities for your store. Not ‘growth’ as in sales revenue at all costs, but the kind of growth that excites and grows your bank balance.

This isn’t about quick wins or creating an effort-free route to overnight success.

This is about focusing on 3 core components of ecommerce growth making best use of;

  • data (making sure you have access to the right data)
  • technology (so you can work and deliver better)
  • the human touch (at the end of the day, this is still about people buying from people)

So, as an industry we use the word ‘optimisation’ a lot. Let’s consider its dictionary definition - “to make something as good as possible”.

Optimisation is just doing stuff better (and knowing what stuff to do better). For you, it’s about doing the stuff that delivers better ecommerce growth. There are 101 things you could be doing. I share lessons from my own work to help you discover what improvements (research) you can make and to figure out exactly how (work) to improve results. Marginal gains compound. Results add up. Considerably.

There are a few ways I can help you grow your ecommerce business through optimisation.

  1. You hire me and I do optimisation for you
  2. You hire me and I teach you and your team how to optimise
  3. You grab my HOW TO OPTIMISE newsletter below and I’ll guide you on how to do the work


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