Ecommerce Growth Machine

for the product makers & market shakers

Weekly lessons on how to build a thriving ecommerce
business using data, technology & the human touch

(there's never any pitching or spamming going on. promise.)

You'll Learn How To Drive Ecommerce Growth Using Tools Including:
Klaviyo ∙ Okendo ∙ Recharge ∙ Shogun ∙ Shopify Flows ∙ EnquireLabs ∙ Octane AI ∙ Gorgias ∙ Loyalty Lion


  1. You're receiving lessons from my actual work alongside 500+ ecommerce brands over the past god knows how many years +  building my own ecommerce business.
  2. You're not being pitched. I'm not selling anything. Instead I'm building a community of founders and marketers learning how to optimise flows using data, technology & the human touch.
  3. This isn't about you spending more money on ads.  I want you to see better performance from your existing ads focusing on the customer experience that you deliver using Klaviyo flows.
  4. You'll learn about how to build your own lean green ecommerce growth machine.
  5. This is about you delivering your customers feel good marketing. Learning what works. No silly ploys to 'claim your discount code in 5 minutes or we'll blow your house up...'
  6. I'm here to help. Got questions? just respond to my email. I'll get back to you with any advice I can provide.
  7. You'll learn how to market your products to build a profitable, sustainable business. That's at the core of the flow optimisation processes I teach. Processes over tactics.
  8. You'll learn how to write emotive copy inspired by new customer insights. No more 'receive our latest news and offers' or 'follow us on social media' for you... tsk.
  9. You'll figure out how to build community around the products you sell. It's a great way to build your brand.
  10. I'm sharing examples of what works for today's Direct-to-Consumer brands. No quotes from Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. This is about real work. Not that I'm saying Jobs or Musk didn't/don't do real work, but you know what I mean. I think.


"This newsletter series is just top. I've learned something from each and every one.
They're also fun and very readable. Can't recommend enough, especially for those building a brand."

Jessica Kruger - Founder of  L U X T R A

" He is a true conversion guru who will help you understand your online customers better than you ever thought possible"

Owen Whitehead - Head of Ecommerce HSS Hire

"Ian comes with a wealth of experience and it really showed when he set up much of our "marketing machine" for our purpose-driven e-commerce startup"

Ben Jones - Head of Growth FieldGoods

"The most knowledgeable MarTech guy I've come across since I started working in eCommerce."

Dan Laxton - Managing Director