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No playbook, no 'oven ready' formulas, just weekly advice on how
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(there's never any pitching or spamming going on. promise.)

Brand Less Ordinary. An introduction.

This is my outlet. A place where I can share what I've learning building and growing profitable ecommerce brands over the past 20+ years. There's a heavy focus on organic growth. Slow, steady, sustainable ecommerce growth. I see the 10x this and 100x that blog posts and hear the podcasts of folks that profess an expertise in ecommerce. Any ecommerce expert worth their salt will tell you, there is no playbook. You market your own unique way.

That's what Brand Less Ordinary is all about. If it wasn't for the SEO love affair between my site and Google, I'd brand my entire business Brand Less Ordinary. So, for the time being, it's a message reserved for my weekly email.

And email sits at the core of the advice I'll provide you. It's how I built my own niche retail brand. It's how, for the past dozen years, I've worked with my customers to help them build for the long haul.

If you can build your brand in a way that gives you the opportunity to share valuable insight and information with your subscribers, email is a hugely powerful growth channel for your business. Most brands don't get this right. I know, I spend my days reviewing and auditing the mistakes (and good work too) that marketers are making in this space right now.

So... what will you get from Brand Less Ordinary?

It's a letter written each week for founders, leaders and marketers of direct to consumer brands. For the product makers and the market shakers. I'm sharing learnings from my own work and conversations that take place each and every day. Ideas to help you build your brand in your own unique way. To get comfortable using the tools, to get mildly geeky with the data. At the heart is your customer. How we deliver your customer a shopping experience, empowered by the written word, that hooks their interest and becomes a little part of their own world.

Email is still an untapped growth channel for many businesses. Sure, you've integrated Klaviyo and have the welcome sequences, cart recovery and follow up emails all nailed. Following the best practice and templates. Email is so, so much more than that. It's a place of discovery. A place to learn your customers.  To learn with your customers. A place to build community. It's a place to build a thriving ecommerce brand. A brand less ordinary.

Come join 1,250 weekly readers that receive Brand Less Ordinary. It's a small number, but I hope it's a place that you can learn to change things up and create a space in the diary with your own customers. Here's that form again...

"If you're not using Ian to grow your business by at least 20% - 30% you must be crazy."

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