Share your stage: a little lesson on making what you make matter from Dave Grohl

As you build your brand for the long haul the basic idea is that people begin to ‘buy into you’. You share your stories, you share your journey, you build something unique that your customers become part of (they’re paying customers and don’t forget that).

Customers get to know you. They become fans. And this can apply to toilet roll (I’m looking at you with your 250,000 instagram followers) so don’t give me any excuse that your market doesn’t fit.

And sometimes it’s fun to share the stage with your fans. For you, that may be your newsletter or your social media feed. For Dave Grohl, that means inviting random folks in far away places (Croatia to be specific) to become, for 10 minutes, a key part of the Foo Fighters.

Hope you enjoyed that. It certainly made me smile. That’s risky business as the whole thing could have gone wrong. But it didn’t. And sometimes you have to take a risk, do something a little different and remind yourself there are people out there that know your brand (your band in this case) just as well as you do. You’ve got a stage. Invite folks up there.

Simple steps include sharing your customer’s own stories. You’re in business to deliver success to your customers, in whatever format that takes, so share that success. Make people feel good. Both those on the stage and those in the audience. It’s about building an experience between you and your paying customers. Share the stage and see what happens.

Written By:

Ian Rhodes


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