Retention? First take care of the simple stuff

“We need help with our post-purchase flows” requested the founder of a luxury bath accessory brand.

I was intrigued so placed an order. Also… I was a sucker for the discount code. 5 days later a grey oversized polythene bag arrived with 3 crumpled towels and a flannel.

No communications. No ‘unboxing experience’ to speak of. The products? Nothing more than you’d expect to find on a supermarket shelf. Oh and one of the towels was frayed.

No post-purchase email with the ambition to motivate next purchase can recreate the value lost when you don’t deliver on time a product that comes close to meeting the expectations of ‘standard’ let alone ‘luxury’.

It sounds so obvious to say this and sure, you’ll please a few who believe they’ve landed a bargain. That’s not a platform to build a profitable ecommerce business upon.

So many lessons to be learned in this industry, but one foundational message is to get the simple stuff right. Just set your task to ensuring you please people taking care of the simple stuff.

Written By:

Ian Rhodes


Founder of Ecommerce Growth Co. I'm here to help you make better use of data & technology to fuel real ecommerce growth for your brand. I've been building and growing profitable ecommerce brands since 1997.

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