How Your Work in Customer Retention Impacts Your Work in Customer Acquisition

As you focus more on the post-purchase experience your approach to acquisition will change.

As your customers leave in-depth reviews and share their own imagery you’ll make the shift from ‘brand voice’ to ‘customer voice’ in your advertising.

As your metrics present a better understanding of customer lifetime value you’ll become more aware of how discounting and ‘first time purchase offers’ impact profitability. You’ll shift from urgency and feigned scarcity messaging and become a more confident marketer.

As your email campaigns become more personalised through the data you now own about your customers you’ll nurture community and have more to talk about than simply your products. You’re now truly a brand on a mission. You’ll become more interesting to your subscriber and more purposeful in your copywriting.

A lot happens when you focus in on how you keep customers rather than how you get customers. It’s an exciting time and you enjoy greater freedom as a marketer knowing that you’re building for the future rather than employing constant ‘hacks’ to keep the business coming in.

Retention isn’t just about how to drive repeat business. It becomes a marketing philosophy that you adopt and thrive from. It makes your work more honest. Honesty is a good starting point for any forward-thinking business.

Written By:

Ian Rhodes


Founder of Ecommerce Growth Co. I'm here to help you make better use of data & technology to fuel real ecommerce growth for your brand. I've been building and growing profitable ecommerce brands since 1997.

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