What lengths would you go to for your customers?


The principles of marketing are relatively simple. To win attention. To retain attention. To turn that attention into a profitable outcome. The same rules apply to you, your competitors and your competitor’s competitors. As marketers, it’s what we’re employed to do.

A Story of Efficiency

So, we’re outcome driven. Business outcome. We spend X to gain Y and our success is measured accordingly. It’s the economics that has made Easyjet, Ryanair and other low-cost airlines such a success. Just-in-time capacity planning and variable pricing algorithms that set the price of each seat individually based upon demand, timing and profitability.

For their audience, the budget-conscious flyer, the responsibility is to fulfil duty – to get them from one place to another safely and at a cost that pleases both parties. No frills.

A Story of Familiarity

Contrast the message of the no-frills airline with the story shared by Singapore Airlines. Flying Singapore is about the actual journey, for some the biggest hinderance with travel, becoming an essential element of the travel experience. When you walk into the departure lounge, when you take your seat on the plane, you’re greeted with the notion of familiarity – you’re made to feel ‘at home’.

  • The films you love… to make you feel at home
  • Familiar flavours of tea… to make you feel at home
  • Seats made of the softest leather… to make you feel at home

Two businesses modelling their brand with varying paths to one singular consumer outcome – getting their customers from A to B. Two enormously successful businesses built upon completely contrasting stories.

Every industry has an Easyjet. A business that manages to retain profitability under all economic conditions with no extravagance. You get what you pay for with minimal fuss. When we make the decision to position our brands beyond the price-point, when we differentiate our businesses away from the economics of our offering, that is when the practice of storytelling takes centre stage.

Singapore Airlines share with us the lengths that they go to that will make our journey make us feel like we’re at home.

How do you share the lengths that your business goes to to show your audience that you care?

Written By:

Ian Rhodes


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