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Shopify SEO Consultant: Ian Rhodes

  • 25 years in ecommerce as an employee, startup founder and SEO growth consultant
  • Former European Marketing Director for the world's largest online travel company
  • Bootstrapped my own ecommerce business from 0 - £2m in 3 years using SEO
  • 13 years running Ecommerce Growth Co. as an independent ecommerce SEO consultant working with over 150+ brands in a wide variety of markets
  • Spoken at 20+ conferences around the world on the strategies that drive SEO-led ecommerce growth

Ian is probably the most skilled SEO expert I have come across. He not only provided us with the full site optimization but also taught us to understand our customers.

Rivki Stoll :: Ecommerce Manager :: Private White VC

I'll work with you to plan and action an SEO strategy that delivers real growth for your Shopify store

build for the long haul:
bring 25 years of ecommerce SEO expertise to your brand

I began my work in SEO in the days before Google.

1997, when Altavista and Yahoo! were all the rage. SEO in those days was a simple process. A manual process and with the lack of competition, a highly effective process.

Wind the clock forward to 2023 and it's a whole different challenge. However, the rewards are far greater. Unfortunately, the sheer level of organic competition and SEO-savvy brands is far greater too.

SEO is at the core of my client work. It's (still) where the riches are made in Ecommerce. It's how I've built and grown highly profitable ecommerce businesses. It's probably what brought you to my website in the first place....

The SEO challenge you face for your Shopify store...

Ecommerce SEO ExpertSo here's the big challenge with Shopify SEO that needs you to rethink your SEO mindset. A typical Shopify store architecture is structured around the homepage, collection page and product page. That's where the vast majority of SEO work takes place. Where optimisers meet the question 'how can you rank our products better on Google?' focusing their attention on the product page itself.

There are limitations with this tactic. Lot's of limitations. The product page is there to sell to everyone. You can't tailor the product page to a specific need of the customer. You can, however, researching your customers and then creating and optimising Product Context Pages. These are landing pages that are built around a specific customer problem, desire or need. Say, for example, you're selling car roofracks. The fitting and use of a roofrack is very different for owners of an Audi vs Land Rover vs Volvo vs Skoda. As examples.

Now, for the Volvo owner to feel confident making her purchase the landing page needs to be in the context she will understand - the imagery as well as the copy. You can't tailor for every car owner with one specific page. So... enter product context pages. Pages that rank, resonate and convert because they are built with a specific customer in mind.

The shopify architecture presents a challenge due to the way navigation is set and the templates created for product and collection pages. So, you either considering headless (expensive and requiring developers) or you use one of the many landing page tools that integrates with Shopify. The latter, 9 times out of 10, is my preference. This is where the focus and attention of Shopify SEO needs to be placed. Creating pages defined to a customer that both rank, resonate and convert. That's what I help you achieve.

Let's boost your Shopify store's ranking for the search queries that matter...delivering real ecommerce growth

The days of ranking for the vanity terms are long gone. And the truth is, vanity terms (generic search terms) rarely deliver results. Results are revenue, right? Nobody makes money from traffic that doesn't convert.

The challenge you face is to build your Shopify SEO & content strategy around the search queries that drive business.  That demands research. To isolate those queries, the questions people ask, to build upon those question, and to do it in a truly customer-centred way. By answering the questions your customers want to know that solve specific problems or needs they face. Your Shopify SEO, technical and practical, strategy is built upon your knowledge. Your authority. Your market. Your niche. Your perspective.

In 2023, SEO for Shopify Stores requires a defined, measurable approach. As your Shopify SEO Consultant that is what I'll bring to your store. There's no rulebook, no best practices to follow. This is about a tailored approach that helps you build your business more sustainable, more profitably with SEO at the core of our work. Good old fashioned organic growth.

My clients are stores running on Shopify and Shopify Plus. Brands, either startups focused on driving profitable organic growth or established brands highly invested in paid ads, with the need to reduce customer acquisition costs focusing in on a blended approach to Paid and SEO.

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Shopify SEO Consultant & Expert on Shopify Store Growth

Ian Rhodes
Shopify SEO Consultant

Shopify SEO Expert & Consultant

“Taking a test-and-learn approach meant that we started to see positive results very quickly. Within the first year, we were consistently delivering sales results in significant double-digit growth.”

Wayne Robinson :: Founder of a Gardening specialist Shopify store

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