Know your customer. Tell their story.

Take a trip in your customer’s shoes.

Let’s take a look at two British brands who know their customer’s feet aren’t always on the ground.


Business customers don’t fly from London to New York without a valid and justified reason. The journey is prep time. Mentally and physically. Virgin Atlantic re-live that journey. The emotion we (the customer) feel. The prospect we (the customer) face:

There’s no detail of the 150 movies you can chose from. No listing of the drinks on offer during your flight.

Flying Virgin Atlantic across the pond is about making things happen. Your things.

Summed up perfectly in the final narrative… ‘Life doesn’t come to you. So go to it.’


Sure. The Land Rover fleet is becoming more economical. I imagine there’s a great warranty package available too.

There’s so much more to owning a Land Rover.

Why do people really buy the Land Rover Discovery? It’s in the name. To discover. To discover the great outdoors.

Land Rover are well and truly in tune with the customer mindset in their #habinot video series.

The contrast between ‘those’ that hide from winter and ‘us’ who welcome mud like a long lost friend.

Did you see the cameo appearance of the Land Rover 1 minute into the short film? A split second hat-tip to the vehicles.

This isn’t just about what you could be. There’s no epic shots of the Land Rover winding through snow-covered peaks.

It’s about recognising who you are.

The Land Rover? It’s simply the vehicle that allows you to be who you are.

The series continues with a similar theme. Let ‘those’ who think differently hibernate. Let them get comfortable with their winter blanket. The Land Rover owners? They’re ready to embrace what winter offers.

Smart marketing isn’t it?

It’s understandably difficult to advertise your craft as a connector. But, the truth is, that’s all it really is. A connector between where your customer is now and who and/or where they could be.

Focusing upon that connection is a remarkable and powerful advertising tool. It’s emotive. It’s the emotion that connects us with the brands we love.

Look again. This isn’t about price. This isn’t about product features. This isn’t about immediacy of purchase. Last minute offers or one-time only discounts. Those are tactics best left in the hands of the ordinary brands.

Your brand less ordinary identifies with your customer and shares their story.


Yes, we’re talking about 2 global brands. What you’ve viewed are 3 videos led by concise narrative and contextual imagery. These aren’t emotive connectors that are strictly limited to the big spenders. These are stories limited to the big thinkers. The smart marketers. Startup, small business and global business alike.

Go create connection.


Written By:

Ian Rhodes


Founder of Ecommerce Growth Co. Sharing lessons learned building and growing ecommerce brands since 1997.

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