Fact or fiction, do you believe the story you tell?

Business Storytelling: Fact or Fiction?

Business storytelling isn’t simply about the stories that you tell; it’s about the story that you believe. This resonates as much with you and your business colleagues as it does with your audience. Your story began the very moment your company was born. It’s your introductory paragraph – it’s the … Read More

Creating a Pain Point

Create Your Customer's Pain Point

How do you sell to an audience that doesn’t yet know they need your product? Time saving software when your typical consumer isn’t aware of the time they’re wasting? Job roles suited to candidates who aren’t necessarily thinking of changing jobs? Your Audience Is Out There… They Just Don’t Know It… … Read More

Why tell a story? Allow 21 of the brightest minds in marketing to explain

Business Storytelling - Stand Out

Stories shape our personal lives, they shape our business lives. Stories shared through conversations with your customers, colleagues, suppliers, clients, friends and peers. Stories of our company founders, our roots and the reasons why we do what we do. Business storytelling sets the scene for the relationship with our online … Read More

When the headline detracts from the story you tell

Blog Headlines and the Story They Tell

In 1979, Bob Geldof penned ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’. A song, 40 years on that still receives significant airplay across the globe. Why is the song still in such demand? The context of the title? The discontent felt by the aggrieved worker when the Monday morning alarm rings out? or … Read More

Are you a digger, or a builder?

Google Analytics - Are You A Digger or Builder?

‘We’ve been interrogating data and found out that 20 visitors searched for…’ Digging deep into Analytics, finding isolated instance of visitor behaviour. For most, it’s a quick win to impress our bosses with our insight and determination to find a cause to a potential problem. Extracting data from within our … Read More

The empty chair

The Empty Chair

In the early days at Amazon, Jeff Bezos left a single chair empty around the boardroom table. It signified the presence of the customer. No matter what the discussion point, conversation would be aligned with the question ‘what’s best for our customer?’. Why? Because that empty chair represented far more … Read More

You Have To Start Somewhere

This is new. This is completely new for me. Welcome. I’ve been hammering away on the keyboard and producing content since 2002. I entered the Digital Marketing world 6 years prior. But, this is new. I’ve blogged from all angles of digital marketing. Your SEO, Adwords, Affiliate Marketing, Display and so … Read More