Making your business story stand out in a saturated market

Think you work in a competitive market? How would you compete with a product that is in every household? A product that is in use morning, day or night. An instantly recognisable product defined by it’s shape and ultimate simplicity.

We’re told to drink 2 litres of water per day. I never used to concern myself with how much water I drank until we moved into our new home. We inherited a refrigerator with a built in water dispenser. ┬áThe refrigerator is plumbed within 2 feet of our sink.

A sink – a competing product – with yet another built in water dispenser – The tap.

The tap – delivering the exact same product from the exact same source – The water.

I just like my water to be chilled. I now drink 2 litres of water per day.

Every industry is filled with businesses who represent the tap. As marketers our objective is to make our offering stand out and be noticed. For your customer, it’s outcome that matters most – a glass of water, or a chilled glass of thirst-quenching water?

Whilst we dispense the same product, it’s the refreshing nature of the outcome that stands out. For your business, that’s your story. That’s the story you need to be telling.

Written By:

Ian Rhodes


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