What do you really mean when you talk about company culture?

We hear companies talk freely about their ‘culture’. The values and ideas that define their business and their ethic. We’re comfortable referring to ‘culture’ as something that is present and visible compared with a mindset that is just that, in the mind. As marketing teams begin to define and share … Read More

When your online business appears different to your offline business

Sat in reception I waited to be greeted by my client for our 9am meeting. Scanning the office, already there were staff firmly focused on their work at hand. An office of technology experts working to deliver business-changing applications for their clients. An office brimming with vibrancy and clear devotion. … Read More

What lengths would you go to for your customers?

  The principles of marketing are relatively simple. To win attention. To retain attention. To turn that attention into a profitable outcome. The same rules apply to you, your competitors and your competitor’s competitors. As marketers, it’s what we’re employed to do. A Story of Efficiency So, we’re outcome driven. … Read More

Your free 5-word guide to marketing

“Sounds Interesting. Tell Me More.” There you go, the 5 words that should guide every aspect of your marketing strategy. For each blog page you write, advertisement you place, landing page you produce, all we’re trying to do is garner a simple 5 word thought response- ‘Sounds interesting, tell me … Read More

Do you say you care or do you show you care?

Great marketing reaches the subconscious. It’s not about high-spend campaigns or pushing your repetitive message until I take notice. Until I take action. Sometimes, it can be about the little things you do. Noticed, or unnoticed. It’s about how you make people feel. The above photograph was shared by a good … Read More

Hello… again?

Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for customer services… menu driven action requests. A simple example of how, as consumers, we’re managed when a company knows little about our intention. It’s a whole different scenario online.  Our job as marketers is to ensure our audience know that they’re important to … Read More

What is your ‘About Us’ page really telling me about you?

Do you run events or workshops where you ask your audience to each give a quick introduction to who they are and why they’re sat there in the first place? “Hi everyone, my name is Kenneth. I’m the Senior Sales Manager for Awesome Software inc. I’ve been working there for … Read More

Is H2H marketing a reward rather than an assumption?

This bothers me: You’ve probably seen the above graphic circulating around Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter. You’ve probably then witnessed a lengthy chain of contacts who are gung-ho in advocating that there is, indeed, only one way to run your business – and that’s H2H (Human-to-Human). If you have had a … Read More

What Owning a Guitar Shop Taught Me About People. Real people.

Marketing, In Context

There’s thinking you know what customers want… and then there’s finding out what customers want. Two separate approaches. One offers you validity. The other relies upon assumption. I’d already been playing guitar for 15 years when I woke up one morning as the owner of a guitar shop. Guitar ownership can quickly become … Read More

Making your business story stand out in a saturated market

Think you work in a competitive market? How would you compete with a product that is in every household? A product that is in use morning, day or night. An instantly recognisable product defined by it’s shape and ultimate simplicity. We’re told to drink 2 litres of water per day. … Read More

What if you could sell, without selling?

We suffer from door-to-door salesmen. Each day a knock on the door finds me greeted with an over enthusiastic salesman pitching drain clearance, window cleaning, cleaning products, you name it. The last few days, the service of choice has been tree pruning. Tree Surgeon #1: I was introduced with a … Read More