One simple tactic to motivate more buyers to leave their reviews

How to get more reviews

For the brand less ordinary, persuading customers to review the products they buy is no mean feat.

However. Verified product reviews motivate more people to buy what you sell.

You know how it works. You’re a consumer too.

It’s an area where I spend a lot of time with my clients. Initiating social proof. Understanding what motivates people to leave a product review. Not just the  ‘great delivery, will buy again‘ default response. A review that shares honest insight and feedback.

It’s important that we inspire people to spend a little time giving consideration to their response to our request for a review.

More reviews more sales

What you need to know is that your conversion rate will increase when you provide user-generated content (reviews, images etc) on a product page.

What can you do to increase reviews?

Firstly, the technology you use is important. Yotpo is a great investment to assist ecommerce growth. For Shopify-based ecommerce startups I’ve also seen tremendous success with which offers a great introduction to product review growth.

Secondly, it’s important that you have the ability to time your review request email to perfection.

This is a valuable lesson I’ve learned from Robert Cialdini’s book  Pre-suasion. Cialdini, through a series of studies, teaches us that for effective persuasion the secret doesn’t lie in the message itself, but in the key moment before that message is delivered.

We need to alert customers that we value their feedback.

Get more product reviews by taking this next simple step

Make a simple investment in the unboxing experience. As part of your customer’s delivery include a postcard. On that postcard let them know you want to give them a 10% discount on their next purchase.

Don’t provide the coupon code (yet).

Instead on the reverse of that postcard let them know you’ll be in touch by email in a week’s time to see how they’re getting on. If you can make the time, sign the postcard and provide your direct email address. This will cost you pennies. You’re making your customer feel valued.

Now you have created expectancy. Not to the stage that your customers are checking their inbox every 5 minutes, but at least letting them know to expect something from you via email.

Test a subject line such as ‘Here’s that discount code I promised you’ for your review request. A simple nudge. A reminder that you’re acting upon what you’ve promised.

When your review request (sent from your personal email account) hits your customer’s inbox there’s a greater likelihood that they will provide you with a review. Your customer has been pre-suaded.

They’ll leave an honest review. The kind of review that makes your potential customers take not.

You’ve also created a greater connection with your customer. Plus, the added advantage of that discount code to prompt an additional purchase from you.

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Ian Rhodes


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