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Customer-centred ⬝ Data-informed ⬝ Technology-driven

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Guidance through the critical early stages from somebody that has been in the same boat and has 20+ years experience building and growing successful ecommerce businesses.

I’m here to help. I work with a core group of startups and growth-hungry ecommerce teams. Typically startups or young businesses ready to grow from 5-6 figures to 7 figure revenues.

Product makers and market shakers. No copycats, just brands ready to make their own unique mark. Ambitious entrepreneurs ready to put in the hard work that ensures their ecommerce business builds profitably and sustainably.

Clients include fashion, lifestyle, niche market and luxury brands.

Ian Rhodes
Ecommerce Growth Coach


I'd be kidding you if I said this was going to be easy... key to our work together is prioritisation. Developing a process of continual optimisation.

Ensuring the foundations are readied for you to build upon. We'll work to a schedule of activity with weekly calls where we split our work up and ensure we see consistent measurable progress.

Our work together will define your marketing process across. Building a truly customer-centred brand using my framework outlined below:


  • Ecommerce Marketing Technology Review

    to ensure the necessary tools and data are in place, tracking and functioning correctly

  • Customer Insight

    collating data from existing customers to help improve upon the buying experience

  • Ecommerce Platform & SEO

    How to successfully set up your ecommerce store and the fundamentals of SEO

  • Data Insight

    using Google Analytics to discover purchase road-blocks and growth opportunities


  • Increasing AOV

    product & category focus pre-purchase up-sell of relevant low-cost items to increase average order value

  • List Growth

    series of tests across copy, imagery, timing and source to help increase % of non-buying customers that register for email updates

  • Conversational Marketing & Welcome Sequences

    optimisation of personalised email & messenger marketing based upon the browser behaviour of non-purchasing customers

  • Cart Recovery

    running an optimisation programme across all abandoned carts based upon cart value and customer (new vs returning) to boost cart recovery


  • Browse Abandonment

    managing behaviour-based email automations that deliver subscribers with product-specific insight, scarcity and social-proofing based on product views to help motivate purchase

  • Product Reviews

    managing and optimising the review request programme to inspire happy customers to leave product reviews that give other customers great insight into product benefits.

  • Driving Loyalty

    to help increase customer retention we will motivate customers to register for purchase-driven rewards - whether that be discounts or merchandise.

  • Advanced Email Marketing

    Segmentation, Automations and Retention Strategies

… the list is constantly growing having worked alongside 200+ retailers during the past 20 years

Customer-centred ⬝ Data-informed ⬝ Technology Driven

This is about driving revenue through your own ecommerce store selling the products you stock (i.e. no Amazon or Ebay boxshifters or dropshippers – that’s not my business)

Building a profitable ecommerce business for the long haul.

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