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build for the long haul.


data-fuelled ∙ customer-centred ∙ story-driven

Anyone can come along and tell you what you should be doing with email marketing. That's not my job.

My job is to deliver you an email marketing strategy that gives you maximum reward (revenue and customer experience) being mindful of your time (the biggest problem we face as email marketers. A lack of time.) We work together. We learn together.

To work seamlessly with your team. To build, manage and optimise the advanced email marketing strategies that drive real growth.

So let's get started.

  • Gathering relevant actionable customer insight from the outset
  • Creating product/category based welcome series that are tailored to behaviour not hunches.
  • Building value-creation flows that inspire people to buy into your brand (rather than just buy from your brand)
  • Optimise cart abandonment campaigns based on cart value, products and location
  • Make greater use of order confirmation and delivery update emails...

and this is before we even consider newsletters, winbacks, review requests, post-purchase flows, loyalty rewards, VIPs, non-purchasers and more...

...and then there's the copy, the imagery and the connection you make with your subscriber through the email you dispatch to their inbox. How you make your email matter.

You know what? The vast majority of online retailers still overlook the magnificent revenue opportunity email marketing can provide. And it's tremendously profitable when done right.

Why? Email marketing is still a labour-intensive task for many. Something we'd all love to be doing 'right', but dedicating the time is impossible. So the 'templated' approach is followed. You're not a template brand are you?

It's my job to introduce an email marketing process to your ecommerce business. One that's profitable. One that's sustainable. One that's workable.

Email Marketing Consultant - UK

Ian Rhodes
Founder of Retention.
Ecommerce Email Marketing Consultant


Advanced strategies across list, customer acquisition and retention growth

Email. Where brands are built, loyalty is forged and ecommerce businesses profit.

Whether you're looking to initiate a smarter approach to email marketing for the very first time or a review and recommendation process for existing campaigns, I'm here to advise and help execute.


Bringing focus and direction to your ecommerce email marketing

  • Customer Insight

    Ensuring we have access to the data that helps determine what we send and who we send it to

  • Vendor Review & Selection

    Work with the most suited, scaleable email platform

  • List Growth Strategy

    Learn new ways to grow your email subscriber list

  • Impactful Copywriting

    You can have all the technology in the world... but we need to get those words right...

  • Deliverability Review

    Ensure your list is clean, relevant and reachable


Smarter Personalisation, Automation and Subscriber Segmentation

  • Welcome Sequencing

    Effective onboarding of new subscribers

  • Behaviour-Triggered Emails

    Bring your communications to a one-to-one level

  • Cart Abandonment

    Run successful cart recovery email campaigns

  • Browser Abandonment

    Send smarter product-focused emails to highly engaged subscribers

  • Post-Sale Communications

    Give customers all the information they need at the right time

Email Management Process

Learning our way to better open rates and greater ROI per email campaign

  • Subject Line Testing

    Learn how to increase email open rates

  • Call-To-Action Testing

    A/B test your way to greater email click rates

  • Be Unique

    Get comfy developing your own tone & style. It's what gets you remembered.

  • Attribution & Reporting

    Gain insight into the real success of your email marketing strategy

  • Mobile First

    In goes without saying... we'll tailor your email to the time-starved mobile user

More learning. More personalisation. More revenue.

There's no best practice you should follow.
Success comes through learning, from data, the impact of a hypothesis-driven series of a/b tests

The use of CTAs, imagery, subject lines and from fields. Each element can have a significant impact upon your email success.

It demands patience. This is a long-term commitment that requires a long-term strategy. That's how I help my retail clients. Devising a more creative, smarter approach to email marketing management and revenue success.

Ready to take the next steps to email marketing success?

I work exclusively with direct to consumer brands, large and small, in the UK, Europe, Canada & USA.

Let's discover how we can work together to grow your email marketing revenue for your ecommerce brand.

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