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Ecommerce Content Marketing Consultant - Ian Rhodes

Hi, I'm Ian Rhodes

An independent content strategist driving growth for direct to consumer brands in the UK and Europe.
Brands, with sustainability at the heart of what they do, hire me to bring focus, creativity and strategy to their content marketing.


You're told to create more content.
There's a bigger challenge you face right now than creating more content.

In your marketplace the content you create and share is your big chance to differentiate your business from the competitive crowd.

However. Most businesses are writing about the same topics, the same perspective, the same message. In a rush to win attention that ultimately fails.

The struggle for established direct to consumer brands and challenger startup ecommerce brands alike?

Investing time and resource throwing content into the world that has zero attributable impact on revenues.
Undifferentiated content.

I don't want you shifting more content.

I want you creating better content that will help you reach and build your audience, educate your new & existing customers and inspire people to buy into what you stand for. To take that valuable next step towards customer retention.

Evergreen content that's consistently feeding your audience. To own your space. To get deeper and focus your efforts on answering the great 'what if?' that challenges your customer and builds your authority.
A focus upon modular content that slots into place along your buyer's journey.
A route to develop a smarter approach to educate and inspire your customers that helps them and wins you more business.


I'm not here to teach you how to write.
My role is to deliver a clear, focused and manageable framework to your content marketing that you can run in-house delivering measurable sales revenue success. To teach you what to write.

  • BUSINESS PURPOSE: Align your content strategy within your retail sales process
  • LONG TERM PLAN: Establishing your content brand, no matter whether you're a startup, small business or global player
  • BEYOND THE WRITTEN WORD: Leveraging the opportunity podcasting and video channels can bring to your retail business
  • IT'S YOUR VOICE: Position and differentiate your retail business through the content you create focusing upon your core differentiators - people, process and perspective
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Build and optimise an email strategy that educates and emotively connects with your reader
  • FROM READER TO CUSTOMER: Implement a process of split-test and conversion strategy that increases the sales performance of your content marketing
  • AUDIENCE GROWTH: Learn how Search (SEO & PPC), Social Media and Content Marketing combine to create meaningful impact
  • TRACKING SUCCESS: Utilise Google Analytics to help track and attribute the success of your content marketing across all channels
  • FOCUS: Understand the significance of the platforms and channels at your disposal
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Integrate marketing automation technology to increase productivity, retain the human touch and optimise your time
This is YOUR framework, a content marketing process, upon which YOU build your sales and enquiries online.



20 years of expertise building audiences and inspired customer actions online

Content marketing sits at the heart of what I do and what I help my clients to achieve.

• I built my first retail business ground-up using a strategic blended approach to SEO and content marketing.
• I learned my trade early on as the European Marketing Director for the largest travel company on the planet.
• I get what content marketing needs to help your business achieve. Good old fashioned profitable growth.

My time is spent helping retailers grow revenue through content marketing, is it worthwhile having a chat?


Email me at [email protected] or pop your details in the contact form below. I'll be in touch sharpish.