a 90-day plan to fast track conversion for your ecommerce store

Ecommerce Growth Accelerator Programme

Don't get sucked into spending on facebook and google with little or no return on your investment

Get equipped with the data, strategies and optimisation processes that will help you build profitable growth for your ecommerce brand.

Ecommerce Growth Accelerator is designed for ecommerce stores turning over less than £1m per year.

Ecommerce Growth Accelerator

Invest in your CUSTOMER ACQUISITION CHANNELS With Confidence

For many brands growth is shackled by high customer acquisition costs. The options are to either progress on zero-low margin sales, optimise the deliver of your ads or to ensure the shopping experience is optimised.

The greatest win is when you optimise your store. Discovering why people aren't shopping and learning the process that helps drive increased conversion and customer retention. That's where I want us to focus right now. Quick wins + longer term strategy.

Then, you can revert back to focusing on Facebook and Google Ads campaigns to drive scale.

Ecommerce Growth Accelerator is a 90-day action-led programme exclusive to Shopify stores that will deliver you;

  1. data-driven - a review of existing data quality with the outcome being a complete picture of what is happening on your site, including micro-conversions to allow you to become a truly data-driven business.
  2. conversion strategy - advancing the use of technology to deliver your customers a personalised shopping experience inc. list growth strategy, customer welcome series, cart and browser abandonment campaigns. All highly segmented and proven strategies that drive real business results.
  3. optimisation process - setting in place the process of continual optimisation inc. a/b testing and conversion roadblock removal.

It's a tailored done-for-you service package that ensures your growth strategy is optimised and gives you confidence to drive traffic to your site that converts. Throughout the process I'll explain what I'm doing, why I'm doing it and the outcome I'm looking to achieve.

Following the 90-day programme you'll have a structure in place that will allow your ecommerce store to scale. I'll be on hand to help you progress with your customer acquisition strategy to ensure you're working from lower acquisition costs and higher average order values and conversion rates.

Across the 3 stages I will provide you insight to:

  1. Ensure your customer journey is clear and easy to follow delivering you recommendations on shipping, price and discounting strategies.
  2. Check site speed and make you aware of any performance issues
  3. Ensure Google Analytics, Tag Manager and any other site tracking software are tracking micro-conversions, events and attribution correctly.
  4. Review post-purchase communications to assist with your customer retention strategy
  5. Recommendations on technology to help you gain a better understanding of customer lifetime value
  6. Review returns policy and provide recommendations on taking a customer-centred approach to handling product exchange and returns
  7. Action recommendations on the use of customer social proof apps + tools
  8. Action cart abandonment campaigns and optimise based on product and customer data
  9. Actioning ideas to help you increase customer reviews
  10. Running an optimisation programme across list growth tools - ie. exit-intent and on-site forms to drive customer acquisition through email and chat channels
  11. Review email marketing performance inc. newsletters and welcome sequences
  12. Advise on use of loyalty programmes
  13. Advise on use of customer service management software and chatbots
  14. Complete review of all installed apps, technology and software with recommendations

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To learn more about the Ecommerce Growth Accelerator programme please use the form below (or email me at [email protected]) and I’ll be in touch to discuss next steps and learn a little more about your ecommerce objectives.

“Ian put us in a strong position so that when growth came the results were much greater than they would otherwise have been. I highly recommend working with Ian”
– Neil McLaren – Founder of