CONVERSION fast-track

Learn what your store visitors aren't telling you.
Get actionable advice to help fuel profitable ecommerce growth

Get the insight your non-purchasing customers aren't telling you...

... so you don't get sucked into spending on facebook and google with little or no return on your investment

Long story short, I've spent the last 24 years of my life learning why people buy... and why they don't buy on ecommerce stores.

Your conversion fast-track is a 60 minute deep dive where I spend 30 minutes doing what your customers do. I'm going to share with you my insight and opinions on why people may not be purchasing. Throughout you will receive recommendations on the navigation, use of copy and overall customer shopping experience to help you convert more site visitors into buying customers.

  • 30 minute video of my experience shopping your store
  • 30 minute Zoom call where we talk through the experience and I advice on next steps
  • review of your use of technology and my recommendations
  • no pitching. nothing more to sell... this is a one-off advisory service designed to allow you to successfully improve your site without the need of developers, designers, agencies or consultants.
  • Each review costs £250 +vat and comes with a full money back guarantee.
  • Available for all English-language ecommerce websites.

"His understanding of the customers thought process is exceptional"

- Sat Sindhar Founder of People®

Invest in your CUSTOMER ACQUISITION CHANNELS With Confidence

  1. Value proposition clarity - how quickly will I understand what it is you're selling, who you are and how I build trust to make that purchase
  2. Recommendations on improving the customer journey providing clear and easy to follow advice that rarely needs input from designers or developers.
  3. Discussion on site speed and to make you aware of any performance issues
  4. Ensure Google Analytics, Tag Manager and any other site tracking software are tracking micro-conversions, events and attribution correctly.
  5. Review site copy across your homepage, collection pages and product pages
  6. Recommendations on technology to help improve your customer's shopping experience
  7. Review of delivery & returns policy and providing recommendations on presenting a customer-centred approach
  8. Actionable recommendations on the use of customer voice and reviews through the customer journey
  9. Advice on cart abandonment campaigns and optimisation based on product and customer data
  10. Actioning ideas to help you increase customer reviews
  11. Reviewing use of overlays and subscriber capture methods
  12. Review use of new customer welcome sequences
  13. Advise on use of customer service management software and chatbots
  14. Complete review of all installed apps, technology and software with recommendations

... I'm going to share with you everything your non-purchasing site visitors are thinking and doing.

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Your 60-minute conversion fast-track costs just £250+vat. To book your review, please use the form below (or email me at [email protected]) and I'll be in touch to discuss next steps and learn a little more about your ecommerce objectives.

"Ian put us in a strong position so that when growth came the results were much greater than they would otherwise have been. I highly recommend working with Ian"
- Neil McLaren - Founder of