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The Tools of the Ecommerce Trade

As you scroll down I'll introduce you to the tools I use with my own clients to help them fuel next stage growth. These are apps and platforms that you can scale your own ecommerce business on. That means whether you're just starting out or are in 7-8 figure territory, these apps are made for you and priced for you.

The Apps section of your shopify store can begin to look like a graveyard of technology. Tools you've trialled and either not seen results through or simply haven't had the time to master. It's the case with the majority of stores I review.

The apps below are ecommerce tools that allow you to;

  • save time as you automate key marketing processes that help scale the human touch
  • grow profitable sales delivering your customers a more personalised shopping experience before and after the sale

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Shopify Essential - Gain Valuable LTV Insights

For over 2 years Lifetimely has been my 'go-to' when running performance audits for Shopify stores. Access to all the key metrics that tell me exactly where a store is in terms of profit and customer lifetime value data. Get started with Lifetimely and I'm here to provide you a free 30-minute tutorial so you get the very best from the data-platform

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Business Analytics For Shopify Stores
Peel Analytics
From $149.00 a month

Peel provides you with actionable insights and analysis from right across your store. Learn the impact subscriptions are having on your sales. Discover how LTV is impacted when you're using first-purchase discounts. Extract insights on real performance data for all your Klaviyo flows and campaigns.

Peel is a comprehensive suite of dashboards and detailed analytic reports that will help you discover real performance insights for your store.

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RECOMMENDED! Reviews Platform For Shopify
$74/month for standard package

All the features you need from a premium Shopify review platform at a very competitive price. Junip provides you with a direct integration to Klaviyo allowing you to manage all review requests through your favourite email platform. The review interface your customers see is designed for mobile and I see a constantly greater percentage of customer reviews including crucial imagery and videos being uploaded compared with other platforms.

Designed for DTC brands, Junip allows you to tailor your questions to the product or product category. Plus, the integration into your Shopify theme is a doddle inc. all your site fonts and colour schemes.

I'm working right now with Junip on a wide range of clients. It's faultless and at a highly competitive price. Get started today using the link below and receive an exclusive 25% discount on your first 2 months subscription.

Save 25% on your first 2 months using this exclusive link!
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Shopify Order Tracking App
Free basic version or from $100/mo

Take a proactive approach to order notifications and integrate key email status updates with Klaviyo. Create an order tracking page integrating status updates from all major UK, European and global carriers.

Discover The Keywords Used By Amazon Shoppers
Amazon Keyword Research Tool
$49 for lifetime access

Every high impact SEO strategy has buyer-intent keyword research at its foundation. To rank for the most relevant phrases you need to understand how your potential customers search. And there's no better research lab for keyword discovery than the mother of all ecommerce stores... Amazon.

Deep dive into the keywords used in Amazon and discover the search phrases you should be targeting for your own ecommerce store.

This super easy software allows you to uncover limitless highly relevant keyword search terms directly from Amazon based on real search terms used by real Amazon customers.

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Create personalised landing pages for your Shopify store
from $39.00/month

Shopify is a wonderful platform to build and grow your ecommerce store upon. It has limitations. One of those limitations is your ability to workout the traditional 'Homepage + Collection Page + Product page' environment. Building dedicated SEO friendly landing pages can be challenge.

Unless, of course, you're using Shogun. Shogun is a landing page creation platform that integrates directly into Shopify allowing you to build additional landing pages as well as updated collection and product pages pulling product data direct from Shopify. It's ridiculously easy to get started and works with the vast majority of Shopify themes (including custom themes).

I've helped brands target key search queries and rank quickly thanks to Shogun. Better target your ideal customers creating product context pages that help drive real ecommerce growth using Shogun. Hugely recommended for brands of all sizes.

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Build Ecommerce Landing Pages With Ease
From $108/month for the recommended Optimize plan

I've seen so much success when ecommerce stores shift away from the default product page and land their customers on a more contextual landing page BUILT for context.

Unbounce is a tried and trusted platform for a/b testing landing pages and comes with a full suite of templates and imagery that enable you to create bespoke landing pages with ease. Plus, their resources and support is hugely valuable as you learn from the very best in the business. I've been partnering and using Unbounce for years. It's an awesome tool to ignite your ecommerce growth.

Take a spin today using the link below and receive an exclusive 20% discount on your first 3 months.

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Recommended Email Marketing Platform
Price Dependent on List Size

I've helped countless UK ecommerce brands make a stack of money using Klaviyo. As an official Klaviyo Master partner for the past 5 years (the first outside the USA) I've managed accounts for a wide variety of brands from DTC to Retail. Up to £10m turnover, Klaviyo is the perfect solution for your ecommerce brand.

Learn more by setting up your free discovery call with me today.

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Recommended Review Platform For Shopify Stores
Starting From $99/month. No contract.

I have worked with every review platform out there. Okendo is my favoured platform for many reasons. The awesome integration with Klaviyo allows you to send all requests via your own Klaviyo account. This allows you to run complete optimisation across the review request and follow-up processes.

The platform is quick to setup and there are so many additional features that help you personalise the entire review capture process to begin fuelling conversions as you present customer reviews to your store visitors.

I've worked on dozens of integrations - get in touch to learn if Okendo is the right review platform for your own Shopify store.

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Micro Influencer Marketing Automation Platform
From $89.00/mth

Gatsby is a brilliant tool to help you better source and partner with micro influencers that are already shopping your store. Get influencer insights and media tracking on your own customers. Integrates with Klaviyo, Gorgias, and more so you can build a better picture of your existing customers and select those you wish to partner with. Hugely valuable tool for any store looking to expand its influencer reach through honest marketing rather than just throwing money at folks...

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Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform
From $29/month

Facebook Messenger marketing is an uptapped growth opportunity for the majority of ecommerce brands. Brands that get it right experience super high open and engagement rates + even greater sales revenue success.

Recart is an awesome platform where you can take complete ownership of highly personalised automations that help better engage your customers and drive new sales through Facebook Messenger. Sign up today and you'll receive an extended 28 day trial to help you hit the ground running.

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Boost Your AOV
Just $4.49/month + $0.09/order

Rebuy is an awesome multi-purpose tool that allows you to add cross sells and bundling options across your store. Including product pages, cart and post-purchase opportunities. Drive up your average order value making recommendations to your customer based on the specific products they are viewing.

Start Increasing Your AOV
Collect Post-Purchase Insights With Ease
From $49/month

I have gained so much valuable data immediately after purchase using Fairing. Built for Shopify this tool integrates seamlessly to allow you to ask key post-purchase questions and learn why people buy, where they discover you and anything you need to help improve customer acquisition. Plus, I love the Klaviyo integration which allows me to pull data straight into post-purchase flows based on what the customer has told me.

Has your customer found out about your product from a friend? Then build a post-purchase flow that introduces your own partner programme to further incentivise word of mouth marketing. A hugely powerful tool that's both easy to use and cost-effective for any size brand.

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Customer Service Made Easy for Shopify Stores
From Only $50/month

Gorgias has quickly become my go-to platform for customer support for all Shopify stores. The ease of integration, customisations and learnings you can extract make Gorgias the perfect tool to help enhance your customer's shopping experience. Plus Gorgias is hugely scaleable and pulls all customer communications (eg. Email, Facebook & Instagram comments and live chat) all into one centralised platform. Your customers deserve Gorgias.

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Product Recommendation Quiz For Shopify Stores
Octane AI
From $29/month

One of the biggest challenges you face is getting your customer to the right product for them. Octane AI allows you to drive conversion by activating an intuitive quiz making full use of AI to ask your customer a few relevant questions and present them with the exact product(s) they need. It's a wonderful tool and a fresh option to customers having to sift through category pages to discover the product they need. Ramp up conversion rates and reduce acquisition costs installing Octane AI on your website today. Take advantage of the 14 day free trial to see Octane AI in action on your Shopify store.

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Influencer Marketing Software

GRIN provides you an all-in-one platform for complete influencer management. From discovering new partners to managing relationships through to payments, GRIN is an awesome tool to help you drive growth through your social media channels as you partner with real market influencers.

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Sell Product Subscriptions For Your DTC Brand
Recharge Shopify Subscriptions
$300/mo & 1% + 19¢ per transaction

Recharge is a powerful subscription management platform that will allow you to quickly and easily integration product subscriptions into your Shopify store. Trusted by 1,000s of brands, Recharge is my go-to platform with it's brilliant Klaviyo integration to handle key customer communications as well as scaleable pricing it offers you everything you need to help drive customer lifetime value and long term sales through product subscriptions.

I'm a Recharge certified partner, so contact me today to learn more.

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Recommended Popup Platform For Shopify
From $29/month

Klaviyo's built in form builder is great. Optimonk takes popup strategies to the next level. Create highly personalised email welcome popups that go beyond 'discount dispensing' and start targeting customers more effectively.

Plus, Optimonk has an integrated data collection survey tool that helps you tailor email welcome series down to the individual by asking key questions post-registration. I hugely recommend Optimonk as a key growth tool for your brand.

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AI Based Size Recommendations For Fashion Brands
Pricing Based on Daily Visitors

Implementing the right sizing guides and recommendations for fashion brands can be a game changer in terms of conversion rate. For new customers, the biggest hesitancy they will face is the key question, 'will this product fit me?'. Nobody likes to return products. So, using Usizy you present your customer with a super easy way to ensure they can buy with sizing confidence. Usizy allows your customer to enter their weight, height or additional measurements and through their built in AI your customer is then presented with their ideal size. Usizy works for clothing, shoes and even bike brands.

Book your discovery call today and learn if Usizy is the right sizing tool for your fashion brand.

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Affiliate Marketing Platform For Shopify Stores
From $89/month with no commission fees

Affiliate marketing is still a hugely underutilised route to market for many DTC brands. Have a great product? There are influencers and bloggers ready to help promote your products on commission.

Tapfiliate is a complete affiliate management suite that will help you manage each aspect of your affiliate programme. From tracking links to payments to the creation of imagery and copy, Tapfiliate provides you everything you need. Get started with affiliate marketing today using Tapfiliate.

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Pull Key Data Into One Central Dashboard
From €69/month

With data all (no pun...) over the shop you could easily be missing out on crucial insights regarding your performance marketing and store analytics. Supermetrics is an awesome tool that helps you pull all relevant data from key sources including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Shopify and then easily review and present that data in your favourite tool (eg. Google Data Studio or Google Sheets... hell, even MS Excel).

I've used Supermetrics with a wide variety of brands to deliver them a simple usable insight-laden dashboard that presents a better picture of overall marketing and sales performance. Grab your free 14-day trial and see what you can accomplish using SuperMetrics.

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Retention Analytics For Shopify Stores
From $79/month

Repeat purchase analysis is an essential element of your growth strategy. Understanding your best customer cohorts, their purchase trends alongside RFM data is crucial to any store focusing on profitable repeat business.

With over 100 built-in reports, RetentionX is a complete retention analysis platform providing you with all the data you need to make wiser decisions on product bundling, CPA goals and buying trends. Hugely recommended for brands requiring predictive analytics to better understand and utilise Customer Lifetime Value data.

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Focus Your SEO Strategy Creating Keyword Clusters
Keyword Insights
From $58/mo for basic plan

At the foundation of your SEO strategy is the ability to understand the keywords and search queries that your potential customers are using.

  • Ever run a performance report on Google Search Console?
  • Pulled data from a source such as SEMRush or AHREFS?

you can quickly become overwhelmed by keyword data.

Enter KeywordInsights. is a tool created to help you cluster data (pull unique search keyword data into usable categories). This then sits central to your content strategy as you begin creating landing pages to educate customers and introduce your products. It's a super smart tool I'd highly recommend to anybody tasked with driving organic ecommerce growth.

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A/B Test Pricing On Your Shopify Store
pricing dependent on product page views

Dexter is a simple to operate a/b testing tool that allows you to learn the impact price variations have on revenues, conversion rate and ultimately profitability.

Run a/b tests on products with an existing volume of traffic where you'd like to better understand how any price changes (decrease or increase) have on your products prior to making any impactful changes.

Start A/B Testing Your Prices
Inventory and Fulfilment Management for Shopify stores
From £150/month

Bring your inventory management and order fulfilment processes and analytics under one roof with Veeqo. Veeqo provide you with a complete suite of multi-channel integrations to enable you to quickly process orders through a vast range of carriers helping you control inventory across your business. Hugely recommended inventory platform that you can confidently scale your business upon.

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Interactive Quizzes & Content For Shopify Stores
From $45/month

Collect key data on your store visitors as you integrate quizzes and interactive content on your store. Outgrow is a smart way of engaging customers and integrates with Klaviyo to allow you to create highly personalised welcome or email nurturing flows based on what your customer has already told you. A hugely viable alternative to the bog standard popup.

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Automated Video for Shopify stores
From $49/month

Videowise is a fully Shopify integrated app that allows you to show user generated videos directly on your product pages. Super useful way to engage new customers and showcase video testimonials at a key point of your customer's shopping experience.

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