Use customer insights to fuel
profitable ecommerce growth

I'm here to help you uncover valuable insights from your customers that will help establish new, more profitable, more consistent routes to growth for your ecommerce brand

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there's so much your customers are already telling you (you just need to know how to discover those key insights)

Firstly, this isn't about pinging surveys out to your customers. This is about how you gather insights along each step of your customers' buying journey (before and after the sale) to help you deliver them a better shopping experience.

From data held in your advertising and search platforms on how customers find you to the key insights you can gather quickly and easily on your customer's experience buying and using your products. All vital responses that will shape the way you market your business from the viewpoint of your ideal customers. This is customer-led ecommerce growth.

Ecommerce Growth Consultant & Customer Insight Specialist

Ian Rhodes
Ecommerce Growth Consultant


gathering the customer insights that help you drive profitable, consistent ecommerce growth

all work begins with a complete review of the customer journey - the good, the bad and the ugly

making use of existing customer insights that are hidden within your current analytics, search console, Google Ads or prior surveys

establishing a new customer insight programme across each step of your customer's journey

using search data to better understand how people discover you and the questions they are already asking
smarter use of overlays to help you gather pre-purchase insights

email welcome flows that are tailored to what your customer is already telling you

customer surveyingthat helps you better understand how customers use your products

gathering customer insights from your review platform to better inform site copy from your homepage to product pages and feedback to internal teams

building out your loyalty programme to reward loyal customers and provide opportunities to gain valuable insight from your VIPs

launching immediate post-purchase surveys that provide your customers an opportunity to feedback on any site issues or product questions they may have

share customer success stories that give your visitors a feel good feeling about what life would be like owning your product

inspire customers to leave the reviews that become your marketing gold

create cart and browse abandonment flows that make purchasing your products feel like an obvious choice to make

easing the checkout processto give your customer, every step of the way, the information they need and to confidently make their purchase

equipping you with the personalisation technologies that help you guide your customer, learn their priorities and deliver the most relevant products using data-driven search, shoppable quizzes and chatbots

“He will help you understand your online customers better than you ever thought possible.”OWEN WHITEHEAD :: HEAD OF ECOMMERCE :: HSS HIRE
"His understanding of the customers thought process is exceptional"Sat Sindhar. Founder of People®.

20+ years (I've stopped counting now...) learning
how to build and grow truly customer-centric ecommerce brands

Ecommerce Customer Insights & CX ConsultancyMy time in the ecommerce world has been split between roles as an employer, employee and consultant;

  • My career in digital marketing began in 1997 as Head of Marketing for one of the UK's first pure eCommerce businesses. Back in the days pre-Google, pre-competition, pre-secure servers....
  • For 4 years I was the European Marketing Director for the world's largest travel company working from my swanky office in Mayfair.
  • Then I said 'to hell with it...' and launch my own retail startup which grew to £2m turnover in 3 years.

For the past 13 years I've dedicated my time to building my customer insights consultancy, Ecommerce Growth Co. Working on short and long term projects helping retailers and direct-to-consumer brands learn more about their customers and to use that insight to create a pathway to future growth.

"Working with Ian is probably the best thing that has happened to us in the last 6 years"Rivki Stoll - Ecommerce Manager - Private White V.C.

Let your customers teach you how to achieve next stage ecommerce growth.

Drop me an email [email protected] so I can better understand your business and present ways we can work together to drive profitable sales growth. If easier, you can just ping over your details in the form below... one of the "14 conversion experts you should be following"