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Ads not delivering the results you want?
Let's figure out how you will grow your ecommerce business independent of ad spend.

2024. The founder's nagging headache ... relying on ads to drive revenue.

Do growth and ad spend feel like they're shackled together?

I'm sure you'd prefer to be growing your bank balance, not just Zuck's...

And it's so easy to find your business in this situation. Is it a bad thing to be so heavily reliant upon ads? Not always. With high repeat business rates then absolutely, if ads are working, go scale.

Does it mean that you should be looking at organic routes to market and other sustainable channels to develop sales? I believe so. You're certainly not looking to ditch ads altogether, but you do need to make sure they're performing as you open up new routes to market. For you, this is your next stage of ecommerce growth.

This is my job. To work with you to plan and action the (sometimes unconventional) strategies that help diversify how you grow your ecommerce business. Opening up new marketing, sales and distribution channels as you build for the long haul. Profitably. Sustainably.

  • SEO - target and rank for the queries that matter Don't hire the influencer, be the influencer. Focus on creating content that grows your audience organically, demonstrates your knowledge and ultimate wins people's trust to buy from you.
  • Email as a service Untemplate your email strategy. It's so much more than a platform for pitching product and default flow templates Klaviyo recommend. It's about building community. Sharing stories and truly resonating with your subscribers.
  • Building and growing a successful affiliate programme This takes planning, it's not a case of adding an app and pitching a 10% commission. Build relationships properly and you'll have a channel that you can grow significantly.
  • Influencers - you build together - at the core of my work is helping you plan and build long-term relationships with influencers and non-competing brands that go beyond the pay-per-placement. This is about real partnership.
  • Grow through new retail channels Is there a plan in place to help you sell your products through independent retailers? Is it viable? Can B2B ordering be automated? Is B2B something that you can successfully manage and scale?
  • Building & nurturing a genuine community what happens when you shift social media's focus away from product and start sharing your stories and the stories of your customers? Building a real sense of community. Magic can happen.

...and then there's deciding who does what.

  • do you continue to throw more money into ads?
  • do you hire an SEO specialist to help grow organically?
  • do you get your head around Klaviyo and start segmenting customers and building out flows?
  • do you add a lick of paint to your shopify store with a whole new theme and some new apps?
  • all of the above and more
  • none of the above... because what you need right now are foundations to build upon? Strategic foundations?

If you know what you need doing and need somebody to implement it I’m not the person you’re looking for. You need to hire a freelance or an agency.

If you know strategic change(s) need to be made in order to further drive ecommerce growth, but you’re not sure what those changes are and how to manage the process? I am here to help.

Strategic change is necessary when you find yourself facing one of the following growth challenges with your ecommerce business;

  • Scaling: Your business outlook is healthy, but growth has stalled… what needs to be done to achieve your next round of growth?
  • Profiting: Margins are fine and you feel you’re growing other peoples bank balances (Mr Zuckerberg's as an example), but not your own. What changes can be made to help drive more profitable growth?
  • Structuring: As your business grows roles may need to adapt. Change is needed when you feel performance levels are waning or you need specialists with greater expertise to take on the role of generalists
  • Communicating: If conversion rates are low, growth is sluggish and you’re not seeing the levels of engagement with your audience you’d expect, do changes need to be made and plans to be reevaluated at a fundamental level in your growth strategy?

There’s little point continuing with a growth trajectory that frustrates you or marketing that simply doesn’t resonate with the people you’re in business to attract (customers). If changes are needed, the ‘why’ is clear… replanning is needed and/or things aren’t working out as you’d like. Let’s work together to then figure out the what, when, where and how.

Of course, it may well be that business is heading in the right direction and you simply need reassurance from an expert second opinion? I can provide that too.

Ecommerce Consultant & Expert on Shopify Store Growth

Ian Rhodes
Ecommerce Growth
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Ecommerce Consultant & Strategy Advisor

"I recommend working with Ian if you want to grow your ecommerce brand long-term, focusing on profit and building a loyal customer base. "


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"Taking a test-and-learn approach meant that we started to see positive results very quickly. Within the first year, we were consistently delivering sales results in significant double-digit growth, whilst at the same time seeing an improvement in the investment ROI."


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