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“He will help you understand your online customers
better than you ever thought possible.”

Owen Whitehead - Head of Ecommerce - HSS Hire

Why do people buy what you sell?

It's a far easier question to ask when you're face to face with your customer. You uncover context and the need for product. Online, it's different, but it shouldn't be. You still have the opportunity to sell in context. To learn more about your customers and to understand what motivates purchase.

Your job is to guide your customer. To give them enough confidence to make their purchase (and I'm not talking here about discount codes...). It's the reason you dispatch the email welcome flows, build the product pages and master the post-purchase experience that helps you sell but also learn even more about your customer.

My job is to help you become truly customer-centred in your marketing. A blended approach fuelled by customer data, technology and the human touch. It's far more profitable and a more rewarding foundation to build your brand upon. Whatever it is that you sell. Whatever the reason it is that people buy.

It's what I've been doing now for 20+ years (or across 4 decades if that makes me sound any wiser?). Building and growing ecommerce brands.

Most clients (and I only work with a few at a time) are £1m+ turnover direct-to-consumer, retail or B2B brands in the UK, Europe or N. America.

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Ian Rhodes
Ecommerce Growth Consultant

Ian Rhodes - Ecommerce Growth Coach

"Working with Ian is probably the best thing
that has happened to us in the last 6 years."

Rivki - Ecommerce Manager at luxury menswear brand Private White VC
"Working with Ian over the past year, we have improved our UX through new site technologies, including a personal buying assistant, site search, personalisation and a new review system. Ian has been there to guide and support us along the way, ensuring we are using the technology to its fullest."
Anne - owner of

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"His understanding of the customers thought process is exceptional"
Sat Sindhar - MD at People®