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“He will help you understand your online customers
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Owen Whitehead :: Head of Ecommerce :: HSS Hire

Optimising for ecommerce growth

... a healthy alternative to throwing more money at Google or Facebook.

Every successful ecommerce brand will get to this stage.

Growth becomes a little tougher. The curve flattens. The business has grown tremendously through the work of product and marketing teams. Now you're an established brand and it's time to plot your next stage of ecommerce growth. Competition is fierce. The acquisition channels, you've become so reliant on, are costly and it's time to widen your audience. Which means more spend and a rollercoaster ride of market discovery.

It's time to optimise.

This is where I work with my clients. Clients armed with great product, ambitious teams and a desire for continued growth. I'm here to help plot that next stage of growth working alongside management and in-house teams. Optimisation. Margin gain territory.

How to optimise?

Begin by gathering crucial insights from your existing customers and community and making use of existing data

Use those insights to review your customers' current shopping experience. It's time to prioritise the routes to marginal gains. Optimised product pages, product context pages for new audiences, highly personalised email flows to fuel conversion and organic growth

Manage a programme of continual optimisation, experimenting and learning your way to drive down customer acquisition costs. Then you can profitably scale your business, via a blended channel approach to customer acquisition and retention.

These are optimisation processes that I’ve evolved over the past 25 years building and growing 100’s of ecommerce brands (including my own) for the long haul. The customer centric fundamentals remain. The processes adapt and it’s these processes that I teach and action for my clients today.

Ian Rhodes
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"Working with Ian is probably the best thing
that has happened to us in the last 6 years."

Rivki Stoll :: Ecommerce Manager :: Private White VC
"From making recommendations for our tech stack to quickly adopting our brand's tone of voice in writing copy that converts to implementing experiments at all funnel levels, Ian was invaluable."
Ben - Head of Growth at
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"His understanding of the customers thought process is exceptional"
Sat Sindhar - MD at People®