Targeting individual keywords? Nah. Learn how to create and use keyword clusters to drive organic ecommerce growth

When you’re tasked to fuel organic growth for your store you’re hit with a series of questions;

  • Do I work on the product page or create long form landing pages that introduce our products?
  • Do I target a specific keyword? If that keyword is far too competitive, what’s plan b?
  • Do I link to multiple products in one article or just focus on the one product?

The list goes on.

And the questions are usually answered by asking what is your customers intent? Are they ready to buy? Are they still learning? Are they looking to be inspired? And that answer can be extrapolated again as you consider the numerous reasons why people by your products.

The whole SEO process becomes convoluted and oftentimes is then given a lower priority compared with paid ads where a response to loading the Facebook or Google Ads budget is far quicker. And ecommerce brands desire quick returns.

How to prioritise your SEO work and make sense of the data available to you

However. There is a process you can follow to help simplify and prioritise your content creation. Turn keywords into keyword clusters. Bundle keywords based on intent and context. This can, however, also be a challenge. Using tools like SEMrush or AHREFS you’re presented with 1000’s of keywords or search queries that all look great… that all match your targeting requirements. And then there’s Google Search Console data that presents you with 1000s of terms that are in the impressions rather than the clicks column. What do you do?

KeywordInsights is a fantastic tool that helps you develop your own keyword clusters to create better targeted pages. The integrated AI will also inform you whether to create product pages or long form pages.

Work With Keywords. Work In Terms of Keyword Clusters.

Using live country-specific data KeywordInsights will allow you to pull all your search query data into their tool which will then create a series of keyword clusters. You’ll discover whether your approach is to create single focused pages or multiple pages defined by user intent. It really is very smart and a hugely valuable method for consolidating keyword data into actionable strategies.

The video below explains the process;

Learn more about KeywordInsights by accessing your free trial where you can use your own data to begin creating prioritised keyword clusters for you to target today.

Ecommerce SEO - Creating Keyword Clusters
Keyword Insights
From $9.99/mo for basic plan

At the foundation of your SEO strategy is the ability to understand the keywords and search queries that your potential customers are using.

However, for anyone that has ran a performance report on Google Search Console or pulled data from a source such as SEMRush or AHREFS you can quickly become overwhelmed by data.

Enter KeywordInsights. is a tool created to help you cluster data (pull unique search keyword data into usable categories). This then sits central to your content strategy as you begin creating landing pages to educate customers and introduce your products. It's a super smart tool I'd highly recommend to anybody tasked with driving organic ecommerce growth.

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