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Bring 20+ years of ecommerce marketing expertise to your business

UK Freelance Marketing Director

You make the products you know your customers need and deliver the level of service they love.

My job is to work with you to review, plan and lead the actioning of your ecommerce growth strategy to build your audience, resonate with your shopper and ultimately persuade people to buy your products, more often (more profitably).

Building for the long haul.

Ecommerce Growth Strategist

Ian Rhodes
Ecommerce Growth Strategist

'Working with Ian is probably the best thing that has happened to us in the last 6 years.'
- Rivki Stoll, Private White V.C.

Down to business now, are we a good match?

My clients are founders of ambitious direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands with a sustainability ethos making premium products. Founders with (or looking to recruit) a small in-house team ready to drive growth and require experienced, trusted hands to lead the growth marketing & management process.

My clients are makers of products with a story to tell.

You already have a great product and an understanding of product/market fit. The objective now is reach, convert and scale. To connect with your ideal audience, to persuade visitors to make their purchase and inspire customers to shop again (without the boring coupon codes..)

To take advantage of the platforms and technology that allow you to develop a truly customer-centred shopping experience. From first click and beyond.

Brands that want to take ownership of the marketing strategy and develop their expertise in-house.

Brands interested in building for the long haul. Ready to spend wisely and to grow confidently.

The job now is to drive forward with a strategy that blends creativity with the technology, data and processes now available to you.

'A genius at story telling and portraying the true essence of our product.'
- James New, Founder of Jessie & James


No 'formula'. No 'template'. No prescribed 'tactics'.

GETTING STARTED: Our work together begins with a call where everything is on the table. A braindump. We talk objectives, struggles and opportunities. We get a little geeky working with data. We'll set priorities through the entire customer journey - acquisition & retention. We discuss in-house skills and the gaps we may need to fill. We place the foundations for our work together and get a complete understanding of expectations and intended results.

SETTING THE AGENDA: I then get to business drawing up our plan of attack. Paying close attention to timeframes, budget and the 'who does what'. Once agreed, the fun then begins. The doing. We'll schedule regular calls to share insight and discuss progress and results.

ACTIONS: Our work will take place across your ecommerce platform and all ecommerce marketing activity. If there's anything that requires additional work, i.e. developers or designers I have trusted freelancers we can rely upon.

New technologies will be introduced to ensure you have access to consistent and reliable data. We will put in place a truly customer-centred action plan to make it easier to find you, shop and to build enough intrigue and trust to inspire people to buy, talk about your brand and shop again.

KEEPING MARKETING IN-HOUSE: Productivity is central to our work. This isn't about piling more work on you or your team. We'll introduce the technologies and automations that drive your business forward. If there are any skills gaps, eg. Google Ads, SEO or copywriting, I will work to train your team up without the need to outsource.

TIMEFRAME: Our work together can take a variety of roles. From full-scale audits, in-house training series or lengthier projects. In that case, typically, we're looking at a time frame of 12-18 months of work that will position you to comfortably and confidently manage your growth strategy and direction in-house. I'm then on hand to work with you in an advisory capacity to provide review and support as needed.

A proper review of existing strategies, technology and processes across the ecommerce offering

Reaching your ideal customers and delivering a better shopping experience to drive sales

Building customer loyalty through better, more timely communications and personalisation strategies

Using customer insight & data-driven A/B testing to deliver continual optimisation


Our task is to build and manage the growth engine for your ecommerce business. From the platform, the technology, to the data and customer insight. To give you what you need to truly personalise each and every customer's shopping experience. That's a good place to be.

Advancing how you operate, understanding the value of new and existing customers to your business and creating a process of continual optimisation, data-driven and customer-centred, to fuel profitable ecommerce growth.

This isn't about dumping a 72 page document on your desk and wandering off. This is real, actionable work alongside you and your internal team. From articulating your overall proposition to the site copy, the technology and the optimisation processes that drive real, measurable growth for your business.

It's a partnership. Our work will set out ecommerce foundations - the creativity, data and processes - and sit across:

evolving the ecommerce business model

reviewing brand strategy & market positioning

setting brand tone and consistency across all messaging

facebook / instagram ad direction, imagery, video and copy

establishing content strategy - the what, where, how, when and who.

building internal ecommerce teams & management processes

establishing CPA acquisition goals and customer lifetime value analysis

reviewing effectiveness of pricing, discounting and shipping strategies

ensuring you have access to real, valuable data and channel attribution.

implementing a process for continual optimisation & hypothesis-driven a/b testing

ecommerce performance audit

advanced email marketing strategy & management

ecommerce marketing technology review & audit

customer data-insight & reporting

paid search & performance marketing profitability audit + review

customer retention strategy & post-purchase communications

optimising the growth process


There are 3 options for how we work together. They're dependent upon the size of your current team and your current stage of growth. I'll talk you through the options during our initial call.

It is only me. I'm not an agency. This has its strengths and weaknesses. This means that my time is limited. So I have to be sure that I can help you achieve your business objectives, both short and longer term. I'll be honest during our call whether I have the belief that I can help. It's best to have that level of transparency from the offset.

I only work with a few brands, in this role at any one time. Again, we can discuss timeframes during our first call.


Let's see if there's a good fit between your brand and my work. To learn more email me at [email protected] or use the form below. I'll email you to arrange a convenient time to call.