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Selling your product on subscription is a hugely rewarding marketing strategy. Better stock management and product, increased understanding and building of customer lifetime value, plus the ease of knowing you have a business model built upon repeat business.

All great reasons why you should start selling your direct to consumer products through a subscription-based business model.

However, it's a tough sell. The reason has to be far more compelling than simply 'get your products delivered to your door on a regular basis'. Customers need full transparency of the process and incentive. That doesn't necessarily mean discounting...

It's my job to work with you to help you devise the strategic approach to product subscriptions, help action the technologies and integrations and then help you build out the processes that fuel subscription growth for your brand.

I first sold products on subscription 24 years ago through ecommerce... I've a heap of expertise to help ensure you're wasting no further time, budget or energy figuring out how to sell subscriptions. I'll equip you with the right technology, usually ReCharge, and ensure you deliver your subscribers the absolute best shopping experience to make subscriptions work for them and your business.

Ecommerce Subscription Marketing Strategy Expert and Consultant

Ian Rhodes

Ecommerce subscriptions
marketing Consultant

"Ian will help you understand your online customers better than you ever thought possible"
- Owen Whitehead - Head of Ecommerce at HSS Hire

The strategy, data and technology at the core of your ecommerce subscription success

You're probably already researched how to sell product subscriptions through your store. You may already be selling subscriptions and are now in need of expert advice to take subscriptions to the next level? I'm here to help advise you and your team on most effective subscription marketing plan for your brand;

... the list is constantly growing having worked with 200+ retailers during the past 20 years

  • Subscription business modelling to ensure you have pricing, shipping and delivery timings that appeal to your potential subscribers
  • Ecommerce email integration ready to help you deliver valuable communications with your subscribers
  • Subscription Marketing strategy to deliver a compelling proposition to help motivate one-time purchasers to switch to a subscription.
  • ReCharge integration into your existing platform. A straightforward process for Shopify and Shopify Plus hosted stores.
  • Email Welcome Flows to help onboard new product subscribers
  • Review and Loyalty platform integration to help inspire subscribers to leave reviews and to reward your most loyal product subscribers
  • Fulfilment integration to ensure smooth processing of transactions
  • Churn reduction strategies to help maximise the lifetime value of your subscribing customers
  • Analytics and reporting to give you a clear view of subscription marketing success
  • Grow AOV through subscription upsells and subscriber exclusive offers
  • Customer experience measures to make it easy for subscribers to swop products, delay or speed up order deliveries and to take control of their product subscriptions

Take the next step to selling more product subscriptions more often for your direct to consumer brand

I review, advise and help action product subscription marketing for a wide range of dtc lifestyle, fashion and repeat-business brands.

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