learn how to drive ecommerce growth mastering Klaviyo

Ecommerce Training Workshop For Advanced Marketing

Your Klaviyo In-House Training Workshop is a 1 or 2-day session designed to help you use Klaviyo to grow sales and repeat business for your store more profitably.

A blend of review and forward-thinking focused on your customer acquisition and retention strategies powered by advanced email marketing.

Together we’ll walk through your customer’s journey. Each step of the way you’ll discover how to build your email list, effectively onboard potential customers and use Klaviyo to build long-lasting relationships with your ideal customers.

The objective? To help you thrive using the advanced features of Klaviyo to drive customer acquisition and retention strategy in-house (without working 24/7)


Klaviyo Training - UK, Europe & USA

Ian Rhodes: Founder of Ecommerce Growth Co.
An independent ecommerce growth strategy consultant & trainer. I’m a email marketing practitioner and Klaviyo Master Platinum Partner.
Providing you trusted, expert advice backed by extensive use of Klaviyo across multiple client accounts + 20+ years experience as a practitioner building and growing ecommerce brands (including my own).

Just 15 of the lovely things training clients have said over on Linkedin recommendations

"He covered a lot ground, providing valuable tips and truly memorable examples along the way."

"He really cares about his clients and strives for their success... which comes almost instantly with his superb guidance"

a true expert with highly specialized strategic counsel" "Ian kept our concentration all day, showing us his personal insights, tips and tricks"

"Ian was very thorough, very relaxed in in approach to the training and his knowledge and understanding he passed onto my team in a very professional and well executed manner"

"Ian was fantastic to work with, very punctual, personable and knowledgeable"

"He provided us with a great insight into the industry and has really helped raise our game."

"Ian is an absolute expert in his field and provided us with a bespoke training session which was extremely relevant and valuable to our business."

"Ian was great to work with and really knows his stuff and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

"His learning style is very clear, precise and backed up with lots of practical examples that can be immediately implemented."

"In the time that I spent working with Ian, his contribution, guidance and support has been immense"

"We're now consulting with Ian on our online strategy and we don't make a move online without talking to him first."

"Our consultation meeting with Ian was an education"

"He is an e-commerce professional with a depth of expertise and is a pleasure to do business with"

"His understanding of the customers thought process is exceptional"

“The whole day was a great experience with loads of takeaways, that changed the way I think about online marketing.
The presentation was full of real life examples and useful tips that are easy to apply to our own websites/businesses.”

Norbert Kocsis Online Marketing Manager
Visual Meta – Berlin Germany

Ecommerce Marketing Training Workshop Client


Prior to your Klaviyo Training Workshop we’ll have a 30-minute chat to understand both immediate and long term objectives. You’ll then provide me access to your Klaviyo account & Google Analytics so I can run an initial audit so we hit the ground running.

During the workshop itself we will cover a pre-arranged agenda covering Klaviyo’s customer acquisition & retention strategy attributes.

We’re realistic in terms of your time and how much you can feasibly do running Klaviyo. That’s why we focus heavily on the automation process allowing you to build out segments and sequences that run on auto-pilot using advanced practice techniques.


your workshop is tailored to where you are in your ecommerce journey, your team size, your technology and existing email marketing tactics. Some ground we’ll typically cover includes:

defining growth for your store - profit, scale & revenue targets

how to grow your subscriber list & the value of email marketing in your acquisition & retention strategy

discover new ways to increase your AOV using Klaviyo

when, how and why you should run an a/b testing program to boost open and click rates

how to correctly segment your Klaviyo subscriber database to drive sales

how to recover more abandoned carts using personalised sequences

how to create welcome sequences that convert

how to successfully retarget visitors through Social Media

how to get the most out of Klaviyo Analytics

how to test & implement discounting & shipping strategy

how to motivate purchase by gaining more customer reviews

how to utilise user-generated content within your email campaigns

ideas to help sync Klaviyo with ecommerce marketing technology that fits your budget and longer term needs

... we've got a lot to cover.

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“Ian is a great communicator, inclusive educator and easy to work with. Ian’s training showed us we have underused strategies in our arsenal, and gave us key take-away ideas to utilize in our businesses. He is dedicated to help others be successful.

Jason Clowes – Customer Success Director – Savage Marketing – Romania


Just pop your details through below, email me [email protected] or call me on +44(0)161 706 0608 and I will guide you through the workshop process and next steps.