Hello… again?

Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for customer services… menu driven action requests. A simple example of how, as consumers, we’re managed when a company knows little about our intention. It’s a whole different scenario online. 

Our job as marketers is to ensure our audience know that they’re important to us. That we care about them. That we notice them.

Picture the Scenario

You walk into a conference room and scour the room looking for faces you recognise. Ah! there’s somebody you know, great they’re wandering over to you. You remember that you met at a similar event a couple of months back. You quickly recall his wife’s name is Sophie.

offline_meetingHim: “Hi, I’m Derek, great to meet you…” he announces as he confidently shakes your hand….

You: “Hi Derek – we met at the event back in the Spring… how’s business?”…

Him: “Ahhh…ahh yes, you work for [insert name of your largest competitor] correct?”…..

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, you’ll remember exactly how you felt. One of two things happened. You either question the intelligence of Derek… or you feel disheartened as you clearly hadn’t left an impression.

Online, our views remain the same. This includes advertising. If I’ve recently visited your website and see retargeted advertising which is irrelevant to my needs, how does that make me feel? If I’ve bought a product from you and you advertise the same product to me the very next day with additional savings, how does that make me feel?

What happens when you send me an email that introduces me to a ebook that I’ve already downloaded? it’s the very reason you have my email address in the first place… If you’re utilising technology that delivers a ‘smarter’ route to market your products, understand the pitfalls.

Good content creates conversation. Poor marketing can undo all your hard work. Throwing all of your audience data into one pot labelled ‘visitors’ is ineffective. Get to know your customers. Segment your data. Analytics and Automation software exists for a reason. Utilise it.

You may not know my name, but you know my interests. I’m visiting your website for a reason. Your job is to figure out what information you can provide me to convert me into a customer. I’m getting to know your service. Tell me something new that will help persuade me to find out more. Forget the small talk.

Written By:

Ian Rhodes


Founder of Ecommerce Growth Co. Helping you grow sales making more effective use of data, technology & the human touch. Get my HOW TO OPTIMISE lessons to your inbox below...

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