…and that is why our product exists

what goes before the 3 dots for your business?

I don’t mean some bullshit about the big ‘why?’ that marketers have become infatuated talking about (thanks Sinek).

I mean, from your customer’s view, why should I buy what you sell?

What is the reason?

The answer doesn’t come down to ‘cheaper prices’, ‘faster delivery’ or ‘great customer service’. That’s Amazon territory and a dangerous place to fly your flag (amongst many).

You make a product you believe to be of value to your customer. What is that value?

I love Bellroy. They changed the way I viewed my wallet. They taught me why I need what they make. Sure, others may do the same, however Bellroy took ownership of my need to slim my wallet. They created that need. Crafty marketers.

Bellroy exists to slim down bulky items in a slim-fit world. So they fit in your pocket better. They’re doing the same with keychains, bags and all sorts of accessories.

Did I know I needed a slimmer wallet? Not until I was told I did by Bellroy.

The reason your products exist, bizarrely, is a difficult question to answer. Especially when you know your product inside out. Your head becomes so feature-driven that you overlook the very basics.

It’s important that you figure these out. That you get to the stage where you can answer, simply, why does your product(s) exist?

It’s the starting point for so many interactions with your potential customers. It gives meaning to your Facebook Ads (a far more compelling reason to click than ‘hey, check out our leather wallets, they’re great…’).

Slim your wallet evokes intrigue. Intrigue is a wonderful tool rarely used by the marketer.

Again, why does YOUR product exist? The answer is central to your marketing strategy. Keep it to just one sentence. That sentence is what your customer will remember.

If you hadn’t heard of Bellroy before now, this article has taught you that Bellroy = Slim Wallet.

That won’t inspire purchase.

What will inspire purchase is the next time you pick that bulky leather monstrosity off the side table. You’ll then remember Bellroy.

This is the importance of building a direct association between what you make and what that that allows your customer to do. How you make what you make matter.

This isn’t just words you’re scrambling together. This is a routemap to better understanding how you will sell more of the products you make. The direction you take is dependent upon knowing customer outcome.

How do you know customer outcome? Simple question to answer. You listen to your customer. You read the reviews they leave (gold-dust for any marketer). You follow-up with the right questions. You’re facing a much bigger problem in business if those routes to customer communications are closed.

For the startup? Do enough pre-launch research to know what you stand for. Know your marketplace. Hunt down the gaps to make your message unique. Create the hook. It makes that initial stock purchase invoice so much easier to sign off.

Veer away from subjective terminology. Faster. Better. More. There’s a reason your customers need those benefits. Hunt them down. That’s your mission as you become a better marketer (see what I did there?).

Written By:

Ian Rhodes


Founder of Ecommerce Growth Co. 25 years in and I have no playbook for you on how to build and grow a successful ecommerce brand. I do, however, share the foundations you can build upon... get 30 lessons on building your Customer Insight OS below...

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