What do you really mean when you talk about company culture?

We hear companies talk freely about their ‘culture’. The values and ideas that define their business and their ethic. We’re comfortable referring to ‘culture’ as something that is present and visible compared with a mindset that is just that, in the mind.

As marketing teams begin to define and share their business story they often look inwards to present their company culture. A method that distinguishes how their business operates. We don’t fear sharing our company culture as it’s defined by the people who create and manage our businesses. It’s non-transferable. It’s ours. At least, that’s the story that we tell.

Unfortunately, for many, the company culture reads like a mission statement. To do the very best for our clients. To be number one. To enjoy what we do. To make as much money as possible doing what we do. We’re trying to deliver a story from the very soul of our business which is often impossible to document. It’s in our business DNA. DNA is unique. Our culture story isn’t.

Company culture goes beyond allowing your staff to take a day off when it’s their birthday. It goes beyond outlining our history, our awards and our growth. It’s the very soul of our business. It shapes our story, but it isn’t our story.

When we talk about company culture it signifies that we understand how and who we are, not why we are. It’s the ‘why we are’ that separates us from our competitors. Sometimes, that separation is the most difficult of all marketing messages to explain.


Written By:

Ian Rhodes


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